changing bags....recommendations please:)

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  • Hello,

    I was wondering what changing bags everybody has got. What is the storage space like and would you recommend it.

    I have a voucher for th boots one but cant place my hands on it. As my lo arrived early I havent had time to get one, Im going away this w/e and could really do with one.

    Please could you give me some recommendations as there seems to be so much choice! xxx
  • I bought a Mamas & Papas one from Argos, think it was ??24.99 but used Nectar points to buy it (it's the black one). I've actually got 2. I got one with the Silver Cross pram we bought so I use that day to day but the M&P one is bigger so I used that when I was in hospital and for overnight stays - can fit more in it.
  • if you join the boots parenting club (for free) and buy a pack of pampers newborn nappies you get a free changing bag worth 30pound!! i have it and as change bags go it's good, enough room for everything you need, a change mat, an insulating pocket for a bottle to be kept warm or cold... and it has a little sample size bottle of baby soap with it too. definately not bad considering the nappies only cost around a fiver and get used too! xx
  • I have 2 that I use, one bigger one that I got from Aldi made by Impidimpi that was about ??13 and has a change mat and a insulated pocket and plenty of room and then I have a small wrap style one that opens out as a change mat and has a plastic storage for wet wipes and space for nappies, I use this if just popping out quickly. I got this one from jojomamambebe.
  • i have the baba bing they do it in boots i think but got mine from john lewis! i love it as its got a really nice cushioned but water proof change mat and literaly a pocket for everything even has clips for dummies,,,its pockets galour! i got one with my pram but was rubbish only had the one pocket and everything kept getting in a mess. also has insulated pockets for bootles and black so goes with everything! XX
  • I wouldn't spend a lot because now Kian is a bit older, I just bought a really trendy giant bag so I put his stuff in there when we go out. Also, you tend to need less stuff when you go out as they get older so you don't get loads of use out of them, well I didn't anyway. I just keep mine for if he stays out overnight at my mums now. xx
  • I have the mamas and papas one the free one from boots is too small in my opiniom. I think mine was ??24.95 i really wanted a oui oui one but couldnt justify the cost. I can now as you use it every day but just make sure its large enough x
  • I have a Dwellbaby bag, its pretty big but its fantastic and fits everything I need for a whole day including feeds and solids - it fits well on two handled and one bar prams because of the attachments and I love the patterns it comes in, it comes with a change mat and wipes case. The only drawback is the price - as its my fourth changebag (so far) husband was not very impressed!
  • I have a few but my favourite is the Oioi one I have mainly because it doesnt look like a changing bag but there is lots of room in in it too & seperate pouches, change mat & insulated bottle pouch etc...
  • Can I ask those that have insulated bottle pouches how long they keep milk/food warm or cold for on average and if you use them?
  • Hi

    I use a Caboodle one - it's lasted me for two babies!
    My friend got one too as liked it so much!
  • Zoe, I've never used the insulated pouch coz I use a phil&ted travel bottle & it has its own pouch that fits it. You can detach the insulated pouch from the oioi bag & that gives you more room in the bag
  • i have the free one from the boots parenting club. Been using it nearly 7 months now and no problems or complains. i keep it well stocked and theres loads of room changing mat and a few pockets and a zip up side. i stuck a bit of velcro on the front pockets as was a bit parinod bout things falling out and sewed a a piece of ribbon (to tie dummy to) which stops it falling to the bottom and makes it easy reach. fits over handlebars nicely.

    i'd recomend anyone to get one and give it a go - you havent wasted any money (cause the nappies will get used anyway) if you dont like it you have a spare over night bag!
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