Where is she???

Hi ladies,

Im getting pretty worried now. Ellis was born 9 weeks ago today and I still have no sign of AF. I only managed to breast feed him for the first 5 days so that has nothing to do with it. I did a pregnancy test last wednesday which was negative & It would have been pretty unfortunate as we have only had sex twice as Im still very sore. Im not ready for another LO one yet. GP said give it till 12 weeks but this seems like a very long time?

So my question is how long did it take for your periods to return & is anyone else still waiting?


  • Hiya, my first one was 4 months & my DS is FF & that's quite normal so don't worry xxx
  • yeah mine took ages to return after i had evie, i only bf for 10 days.
    think it was like 2 months or something, i cant remember!
  • Mine took 18 weeks to arrive. I only breastfed for one week.
  • I only BF for 4 weeks and didn't get my period until Adam was 4.5 months...
  • Thanks for your replies ladies, you have made me feel better. I gave in today & did another preganacies test, which Im pleased to say was negative. No doubt I will come on whilst we are on holiday next week! xxx
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