brushing new teeth...

Ruby has now had two bottom teeth for about 2 weeks.
A thought has just ocurred that I should be brushing them!
I have bought a baby toothbrush and baby toothpaste.

What do i do?
How much toothpaste?
How often...

etc etc...

Help please!



  • I do Charlotte's morning & night - have done since 6 months when her 1st teeth camr thru. I use a tiny smear of paste and try to brush for as long as possible (which isn't for long at the moment)!
    Try to make it as fun as possible, she may hate it at 1st - then again may love it!
  • Hiya I do Bethany's in the morning when I do mine and at night when she's having a bath. I use a little blob now as she's 17mth old but at first I'd use just a smear. I found the best way to do it was to brush for a little bit myself just to make sure they got some sort of clean then let her have the toothbrush so she cud do it herself. I still do this now and every time we have a bath she asks me to give her her toothbrush so she can brush her teeth. The dentist told me that as long as a bit of toothpaste is getting to the teeth thats good enough, so don't be rigid with it make it fun and relaxed x
  • Ah thanks girls.
    Right we will have play time in the bath tonight then!!

  • hey,

    I think there was a small tube of toothpaste in pone of the bounty packs!

    I try to brush Louise's teeth twice a day, she loves it and cries when I stop!

    To begin with I gave her the toothbrush to play with (dry, no toothpaste). Then she ws quite happy to let me brush her teeth using a tiny smear of toothpaste - the only difficulty is that she closes her mouth to suck on it!

    I read somewhere that you should approach from the side or behind lo with the toothbrush.

    Have fun!
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