What steriliser to buy?

Hi girlys

Im 34+5 wks and trying to get everything sorted.

Im going to try and breast feed but would like to express so my oh can also feed.

Which ones do you think would be best?? Not sure if to go for microwave or electric?

Which make to go for??

Any ideas would be great. Thanks

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  • Hi Lea
    I personally went for a Milton Steriliser. The bottles only take 15 mins to sterilise and they are good for 24 hrs
    It's what my mum used for my sister (27 yrs ago lol)

    Good luck x
  • Hi,
    We went for the tommee tippee microwave steriliser which we have been really happy with. It onle take 8 minutes in the microwave & then you have to leave it for 2 minutes to cool xxx
  • I have a TT microwave one too. I had an avent electric one with DD1 which was fine but it took up a fair bit of work space. Our TT one lives in the microwave so I dont have to look at it!
  • I have the Avent electric one and it has been fab
  • Would any one trust a mothercare make?
  • yes, a cold water/milton steriliser is really good, so much easier than steam!! and cheap!
  • Sorry totally g/c but just wanted to say i was given 2 sterilers after i had already bought one. Anyway ended up with the tt microwave, avent microwave and avent electric one. The electric one has yet to make it out the box. Lol avent microwave one takes 5 minutes. Depending on what bottles you go for get either the tt or avent microwave. Saves space and is sooooo quick and easy xxx
  • sorry also replied in preg- the TT icrowave one is half price on their website at the moment x
  • I didn't buy one - after looking at my preferred method of steaming bottles, I looked at the microwave ones and realised they are a bit of a rip off - and so took a tupperware box and vented it and use that! lol x
  • I have the TT microwave one and love it because its so easy and quick to use xx
  • also replied in preg, but another vote for the TT microwave sterilser here! x
  • I've used the TT microwave steriliser for both of mine and its fab x
  • I have had the avent steam & TT steam ones. They are great. I personally dont like the microwave ones but then we dont have a microwave because i dont like the idea of heating food etc in them with . It just seems so unatural but thats just my own personal opinion.
  • My TT electric breast pump came with a microwave sterilising box, so no need to buy another one. We were also given a second hand Avent electric one, but I've not used it as I only sterilise the pump and accessories and they fit into the TT box.
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