I've been starting to wean Evie for about 3 weeks now and she's 17 weeks today. I know its a little early but she's a very hungry baby on Cow & Gate Hungry baby milk and has a mad appetite!

Just been trying her on a few spoonful's of baby food at 12noon everyday after half her bottle then finishing her bottle afterwards like the HV suggested.
The bit i'm confused about is when do i know she's ready for a whole meal rather than just a few spoons of the food? Every website says different views about this. And, how much do i give her for a full meal to replace the 12noon feed?

Hope i make sense! just wanted to know everyones views on this.


Ruby x


  • while i was waiting to speak to my hv she advised another mum to give a little milk to take the edge of the hunger then give the food then finish with a top up of milk at the end.

    how did you introduce food at 14 weeks?

    my dd is 11 weeks and is going off her milk, even the hv agreed that i am going to have to wean her early (was completely amazed that she agreed with me as everything is 'oh well we dont recommend that!)
  • Hey,

    Milk is the most important part of your lo's diet so I wouldn't replace the milk feed with solids yet - I think that starts to happen from 6 months - that they will naturally want more solids and less milk.

    Personally, I started weaning Louise early, she is breastfed, I gave her a milk feed then 1/2 hour to an hour later would give her solids. I did it this way just because I wanted to! And it has worked as she's eating 3 good meals a day now.
  • Thanks everyone, its just good to read what you are doing.
    I started her on baby rice mixed with a bit of her formula milk, gradually after a few spoons each day at the same time for about a week I then gave her the banana cereal, fruit cereal, creamy porridge on different days and she loved them...hated the baby rice though!
    I've tried her on a few of the jars to see if the different tastes appeal to her and see what reaction i get and she loves rice pudding and also things like the vegetable medley or sweet potatoe.

    This morning i broke half a farleys reduced sugar rusk up with a bit of formula milk and she was gulping it down!

    Gonna keep doing what i'm doing then with the bottle and giving her the solids after about half an hour to get her to start recognising it as a 'meal' and just adjust her milk accordingly so she still gets enough milk.

    Thanks ladies, feel better now (felt a little guilty giving in early and weaning her before 17 weeks)

    Ruby x

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  • I've been weaning Louise since 16 weeks, I know what you mean about feeling a little guilty but i've spoken to mummys of girls older than Louise who waited till 6 months but are now struggling with thier lo's not being interested in solids. So i'm glad I started Louise early as I had time to do it really gradually and she's loving her food now!
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