Fun food ideas for los 1st birthday party

Im doing a little get together for close family and friends for harrison's 1st birthday party, it will be mostly adults there so just after some ideas on some fun/quirky/impressive but non expensive foody ideas, you know like buffet food with a twist? any ideas would be fab!! xxx


  • Hi Sunnymum
    2 ideas i've thought of:
    Base your buffet on a theme of harri's favourite toy/tv character.
    Or, what I'm thinking of doing for Charlotte's party is having a buffet based on food from the world.
    One area would be British so you've got your sarnies, crisps, sausage rolls etc, then another part Italian (pizza, pasta salads), Indian (samosas, bhajis, chutneys, nan bread), Chinese (dim sums, spring rolls, sesame toast). Cos it's run up to Xmas all the supermarkets have got loads of party food in (maybe some on offer?) so you shouldn't have much trouble buying it then it's just heat & serve - easy! I will be making my pasta salads fresh as I love making them.
  • the shops will be packed with party food,like mini indian things,farmfoods is a good 1 but i find people just love the original stuff from buffets,sausage rolls,rolls(i always get asked for egg lol) pizza

    for Lennons 1st bday thats what we did an buffet with all the above food and it all went and i over cooked as always,we also did noddy stuff cakes etc and we made our own cake,that was fun,ordered a topper from ebay a round naddy,also bought same naddy toys and added them for a 3d effect

    i'm not wishing his years away but i cant wait for his 2nd lol
  • we had mostly adults at Shea's first birthday a couple of months ago and I am trying to get shea used to our food anyway so we made an italian theme buffet of brushettas (toasted bread with selection of toppings - tapanades, italians meats, sundried tomatoes, cheese etc) then we made pasta salads and a pesto salad along with plates of italian meats (parma ham, salamis etc) and a few homemade garlic breads (much milder than shop bought and delicious baked in oven!!)
    then for desert I made a trifle, jelly and ice cream, a platter of fruit (went down best with the kids!) and finally a thomas the tank cake

    (beware of shop bought birthday cakes - thomas tank was blue icing and without even thinking we gave shea a small slice and the blue icing sent him completley loopy!!! He raced round the house for hours!!!!)
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