anyone else...

getting bored with this sad person?


  • Yeah me im really angry at what she's just said, what does she achieve from doing it the sad cow!!
  • she gets the attention she so obviously craves. id hate for my life to be that sad that i had to come on here n insult strangers just to feel someone was interested in me lol x
  • I know she is so pathetic, i cant believe the things she says to people, she must have no heart xx
  • either that or it must be time for her medicine, that must take a while! lol
  • Hopefully she wont come back on again the weirdo xx

    Gingerlillytea are you going to the meet on monday xx
  • im taking it all this crap only ever happens at night, im normally of line from 7pm and when i come on in the morning there are load of post about some stupid person causing problems x
  • Yes Jodie, I log in and out throughout the day as the mood takes me and it does only seem to be at night. Apart from this thread, we are not even mentioning how the troll is making some people feel, as that is its sole purpose by the looks of it - to upset others. We are simply to ignore ALL posts by it and make no comment. That way, they give up. :\)

    [Modified by: *Mrs E* on February 07, 2009 09:40 AM]

  • i just posted to the other post 'whats going on' and i think it makes pretty much sense what i said!
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