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storing milk feeds or making them fresh

My LO is nearly five months and I've usually made a days worth of milk up in advanced and has always been a sicky baby, anyway last week I tried just putting the water in the bottles in advanced and warmed them up when I needed them and then added the milk.... anyway he's wasn't as sick as he usually is. A couple if days last week my OH made up the feeds in advanced and stored them in the fridge..... well my LO was sick loads!!!!

So now I've started to sterilise my bottle, add the water and then just leave them on the worktop out of sunlight until his feeds are due. I pop them in the microwave then add the powder, I don't know if it;s a fluke or not but he's hardly been sick!!!

I'm now wondering if I've been feeding my baby milk that has turned manky whilst in the fridge, anyway he's been putting weight and is very content.

Has anyone else ever thought why is my baby being sick all the time??


  • you arn't really supposed to make feeds up in advance, although you could until a couple of years ago but they must have changed it for a reason.

    there is a similar post on here called formula prep & sterilising or something might be worth having a read through that x
  • I think it makes sense to make fresh - you wouldn't make a cup of tea, keep in the fridge then heat when you wanted it -YUCK.
    I also found making fresh meant I wasted less as I could judge whether to make a big feed or not, which does alter a lot when you start solids.

    I had a sicky baby who turned into a sicky child and spent 7 yrs up to my neck in vomit. Anything which works is worth sharing so thanks x
  • HI, just read the other thread and left a post on there as well.
  • my hv told me to do what your doing sterilise and once boiled water then add milk when needed and give at room temp or heat if we wanted
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