Bottle and Beakers

This is probably going to sound like a really stupid question but why do you have to sterilse bottles until they are one yr old when you don't have to if you put milk in a beaker for them?? I know for bottles its to make sure that there is no bacteria growth from the milk etc but i dont get why you don't have to for beakers? sure that is what i have read or have i got that information completely wrong?!? ahhh im confused pls help put my mind at rest!
Thanks xx


  • i think its anything that has been in contact with milk. you dont have to do beakers if theyve had juice or water but if theyve had milk from them i would sterilise them. milk is a breading ground for bacteria apparantly
  • I think it's cos most people use beakers for water/juice and by the time lo is drinking milk from a beaker they are usually close to 12 months anyway so don't need to sterilise.

    I don't buy the whole sterilising thing as it... surely washing in hot soapy water kills the bacteria anyway - and I'm pretty sure milk bacteria only breeds if you leave the milk out.

    I still sterilise Gabes bottles, he's 6.5 months however I didnt sterilise when I went on holiday last month for a fortnight & he was fine x
  • Ah ok i understand now. It just got me thinking when i was reading that Gina ford book it advised to start giving baby one of there milk feeds from a beaker and wondered whether the beaker would need sterilizing. I'll probably leave it a bit longer then until he's nearer 1 yr.
    Thanks for your help xx
  • since when did it become 12 months with my older two you only sterilised till 6 months x
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