Anybody have the copper coil?

I am having it fitted tomorrow and was just wondering who has it and how they get on with it?
I have chosen it over the other one as I don't want any drugs in my body after having taken the pill for 15 years prior to having my little one.

Thanks girlies.



  • Hi Mrs E

    I had the copper coil fitted about 5 months ago after 19yrs of being on the pill. I also choose this one as the mirena coil can also cause weight gain and believe me ive enough to loose.

    I had a few cramps while it implanted properly and they explained how to feel for it (sorry tmi) after your first period. Ive found it a godsend not having to remember to take a pill every day.

    The only thing i will mention is my periods have got really heavy on day 2 and 3 but i hope this will settle down after 6 months.

    Hope this helps

    Sara x
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