Hoq long do i wait before i burst into tears..?

Its Harry's Birthday today.

We're having a party. Right now.

And no one has come :cry:



  • Oh hun.

    When did it start? Are you sure people aren't just running late?


  • no way!!!! how many were u expecting?? im sure they wll come prob caught in the school rush! happy birthday harry!!! xx
  • omg! who did u invite?! so sorry hun! u sure they're not just late? x
  • i hope people turn up soon,happy bday harry! if not eat all the cake between urselves! sounds like a good idea 2 me!! lol xxxx
  • A few people were supposed to come this morning at about 11ish as they couldn't come this after noon and everyone else said they'd come about 1.

    Noones called me to say they're not coming. xxx
  • u rung or text anyone to see where they are??
  • I didn't want to do that incase they genuinly didn't want to come and i feel a bit rude asking.

    I know i'm being silly. I should be grateful that at least Aaron got the day off for it but i'm still being pathetic about it. xxx
  • Happy birthday Harry!

    The most important thing to him is that your there!

    Lisa and Louise
  • How awful of people not to let you know. Are you sure you told them the right date? I've told people wrong dates before. xxx
  • How awful of people not to let you know. Are you sure you told them the right date? I've told people wrong dates before. xxx
  • thats awful for them to say there coming and then not bother imo thats plain rude!
    Happy birthday to harry hope he's having a nice day. How old is he?
    me and hubby arn't very good with making friends we both very quiet and shy image I hate it but hope we can rope some ppl to come to jamioes 1st bday in aug. xx
  • thats the problem when they r so young before they start school they dont have that many friends so u never know if they will all turn up. although they should have let u know. just think of all the friends he will have coming to his parties when he starts school image x x
  • Omg you aren't being silly, I would also be so upset, how dare they not let you know!! :evil:

    Happy birthday Harry xxxx
  • Big hugs to you and Harry!

    I would upset too!
  • Well first off Happy Birthday Harry!!!!
    Babe thats really awful I'm sorry people have been inconsiderate but don't let it spoil your families special day.
    Don't think you're being silly at all I would have been on the phone texting and there would have been a few choice swear words too! Sending big hugs xx
  • Just to add - a friend of mine invited tons of people to her sons 1st birthday party, loads of people turned up but only a few actually paid attention to the little boy! I ended up looking after him for most of the time while his parents looked after thier guests!

    So, enjoy the fact you have your little boy all to yourself!
  • Aww Happy Birthday Harry!

    I hope someone turned up!
  • Happy Birthday Harry!

    Sounds like the people you invited aren't worth worrying about if they couldn't be bothered to come along. How horrible of them. Main thing is Harry will be more than happy having a fun time with his mummy and daddy.
    We struggled to get hardly anyone to come along to my los 1st birthday as we had his party on the 1st January (his birthday is the 2nd January but we live abroad and were flying back from the UK that day) and everyone used the excuse of hang overs! The main people there were grandparents and the four friends that did arrive came well over an hour late, and didn't have any of the food my mum and I had spent ages preparing.

    Some people just don't think. Just wish we all lived closer so we could all come along and sing Happy Birthday to him. xxx
  • Nah no one did in the end. nevermind. Thanks for the support ladies, Harry had a lovely day anyways! Xxxxxx
  • Unbelievable! Wish we all could have popped over, sorry they were so inconsiderate. Glad you still had a lovely day. Just think, you were in labour a year ago! xxx
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