Difficult to feed in the evening - anyone else?

Hi ladies, just wondering if others have the same problem or any advice on how to make things a bit easier.

Josh is 5 1/2 weeks old and I can't complain becuase he's a really good baby, until we get to 9pm and the feed he has 9-10pm before we settle him for bed - then he screams blue murder! It isn't colic as he doesn't seem to suffer this and can burp for England and he's not a sicky baby - however he goes into a bit of a feeding frenzy in the evening - wanting his normal 4oz every 1.5-2 hourly instead of 3-4 hourly like the daytime. I don't mind this as I guess he is 'tanking up' as is begining to sleep for 5 hours a night. He won't take more than 4oz yet.
He normals feeds (bottle feed) pretty well but this last feed is awful and I am beginning to dread doing it. Basically he sucks ok for about 2 mins, after this he will start thrashing around with the bottle or his arms and legs - if I take the bottle out his mouth or he dislodges it from all the thrashing - he screams - I offer it back and he takes it like he's starving but will instantly then start thrashing and crying again. I wind him, but there's nothing to come up..... I just don't seem to know what he wants. Somehow we manage to give him a couple of oz's and then he calms or like last night he just fell straight asleep.
I am thinking he could be tired as he is usually awake from 6-9pm but may have a bit of a nap during that time (after bath), I've tried to get him to sleep before this time, but he doesn't want to settle as too awake.
I've spent a small fortune on TT teats to find best one if that was making the difference - we use the medium ones now and he takes them excellently during the day so not this.......

Anyone else have similar problems, or advice - I'm also wondering if it's just cranky baby time during the evening??



  • no advice hun but i will keep an eye on this post as Caleb is the same but at every feed.xxx
  • Hi ladies. I just wondered if it could be reflux. Luke suffers and would be starving for a fed but only suck for a few seconds before coming off my nipple and screaming and this use to continue at every feed but was worse at night. I took him to the doctors and got some infant gaviscon and he is a different baby. He still thrashes a bit but I think thats boys for you. It might be worth looking into and seeing if either boys have any other symptoms. Good luck. x
  • isnt reflux throwing up??xx
  • It is yes, but there is silent reflux as well, Luke has slient reflux and has never brought anything up, in fact i think he has only ever been sick once in 4 weeks. He use to make sounds like he was being sick but nothing would come up, then he would pull faces as thought he had something in his mouth and would cry. He also use to go really stiff and ached his back making feeding really hard. Someone mentioned reflux to me and i said about he never throwing up, thats when they said to have a look at the symptoms of silent reflux and he had nearly all of them. Its so difficult isnt it, its all trial and error, and we have had lots of errors, image xxx
  • holly, if your baby is like it every feed I'd def say get him up to GP and ask for baby gaviscon and/or ranitadine - my friend has just put up with 8 weeks of screaming baby and got reflux diagnosed and got gaviscon - it's not the magic cure but cetrainly helped loads.

    I don't think Josh has reflux or surely he'd be difficult/screaming at every feed. Def worth considering asking the HV when she comes in week tho...

    He's just took 3oz no prob, but - oh dear, it's getting late again...... :S
  • Good luck hun. Luke has been asleep since 6pm so I bet he will be awake all night now, oh the joy. xxx
  • Ryan is/was exactly the same, he is 16weeks now and it only got really bad and consistent from about 11 weeks. His evening feed 7pm-ish could guarantee it would happen and sometimes during the day. I thought reflux but the hv said sounds more like colic (wasn't and still not convinced as doesn't have any other symptoms) but I tried infacol as suggested, only for the last feed and within a couple of days calmness! That's lasted 5weeks and apart from tonight (which I'm hoping is a one off) seems to be continuing (touch wood) might be worth a try, I've only been giving it at the nightmare feed xx
  • thanks for that, will get the infacol out and give it a go for a few nights!!
  • Hope it works for you hun xx
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