Baby with really bad wind!!!!

Hi all,

Dylan is 4 weeks on wednesday, and has been on cow and gate forumula for the last 2 weeks since i stopped breastfeeding ( due to me an anti botics), all he does all day is constantly breaks wind!! It really loud, and about every 10-15 mins! He doesn't seem in pain, and i am glad he can get it out lol! But when he does it while he is feeding, he stops feeding then he doesn't really want his bottle anymore. Then he will want feeding again about an hour or so later. At the mo he wants feeding pretty much every 2 hours during the night- it the day he can have up to 4oz, but at night i struggle to get more than 2 oz down him.

He is gaining weight, he pound on a pound in 1 week!

Do you think its worth changing his formula to something else? i have even tried him on hungery baby formula but he seems to want to eat more!!!!!!!


Gemma + dylan xxx
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