Jack's got thrush :-(


Jack has got thrush bless him. Only in his nappy area, but its really infected and so sore. He has 8 open sores that weep and its all over his ahem balls as well!! Dr has given him some clotermizole (sp?!) cream to be applied 3 times a day.

I feel like I've let him down though, I know I havent but he screams when he has his nappy changed. We're using warm water, cotton wool pads and letting as much air get to it as possible. It looks so painful so I'm not suprised he cries.

Its only been this sore for 2 days now, only managed to get an appt today, and we were considered prority!!

Has anyone else's LO's had this? How long did it take to go? Any advice to ease the pain?

Thanks ladies!!

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  • Sorry hon - no advice but hopefully the cream from the docs will sort it out quickly! Tommy was put on a cream for impertigo on Monday afternoon and its near enough gone already so fingers crossed you have a miracle cream too.

    And I also think that you having to wait that long for an appointment for lo is absolutely disgusting!

  • Hey,
    Ellie had oral thrush which cleared quickly with the use of daktarin oral gel. Obviously this is totally different but I hope Jack's cream helps him & what your doing with the cotton wool, water & air is best thing so don't feel as though you've done anything to let him down! xx
  • How is jack going on? Found out yesterday that Frankie has thrush too, she had it in her mouth and it has worked through her system and is now on her bottom and lady bits. I feel really bad cos i just thought it was nappy rash and smothering her in sudocrem. I have been prescribed the same cream. Were you told to make sure you keep using it for a few days after the spots have cleared?

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  • Hi hun,

    Isabella had thrush but in her mouth last week, she was in alot of pain but once i started putting the cream in her mouth three times a day, I seen an improvement. I really hope Jack gets better soon, it will soon improve.

    LoveSteph xxx
  • oh hope it gets better soon xx
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