Vitamin D and breastfeeding?

I've just been reading about vitamin D and how as a breastfeeding mother I should be taking a supplement. It also says that LO should be having vitamin drops. I didn't know this, am I the only one? Now I feel terrible that she is 3 months and apparently vitamin deficient!! I'm off to the late night chemist now. :lol:

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  • Hi

    I never took Vit D supplements and after speaking to other mums and my GP I don't give them to my LO (7 months and BF).

    It depends in part on your ethnicity and whether your LO gets exposure to sunlight - Vit D is made by your body but needs sunlight to do it. Apparently people of darker skin do not absorb sunlight as well, and therefore don't make Vit D as efficiently. Babies in that category are advised to take supplements (and to keep things simple the vitamins are offered to all babies rather than just those of particular ethnicities).

    But if you're pasty like me and your LO sees the sun fairly regularly I wouldn't worry about it. Talk to your GP or HV if you're at all concerned,

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