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I am hoping for some advice or experiences, please image

My little lady is six months old, and I am currently deciding whether to return to work. I really do appreciate that I am very lucky to be in a position where this is a choice, so please don't think this isn't the case!

Originally, I had intended to become a SAHM but am now wondering whether to return in September when Grace turns one. I'm a bank manager, but can return on a 3 day week basis. In many respects, I hate the prospect of leaving Grace, however having looked at a few nurseries, one in particular seems fantastic.

We had another look around yesterday, and I left Grace for a while and watched her via the CCTV in the manager's office. She had a fab time. Generally, she is very sociable and I wonder whether a stimulating environment in a good nursery would be best for three days of the week, and four days with me. They have so many different activities, and I think it may be that some time at nursery would be better for her as there is much more variety and learning opportunities that I feel I could provide.

In addition, I suffered from post traumatic stress after Grace's birth and a touch of PND and wonder if some 'me' time would be a good thing, or not.

The nursery is expensive, so my decision will not be financially motivated as I will have little left over! I have to decide quickly, as there is only one space left and a deposit of almost ??1000 (eek) is required so I can't change my mind easily!

Has anyone been in a similar position, and willing to share their experiences, please?

Thanks for taking the time to read.

Em x


  • Hi

    I personally have decided to become a SAHM because i hated my job and didnt like the idea of nursery at 7 months old. However in your situation i would probably say go for it as you have seen that she is happy and thats the main thing, as you say it gives you the break you need to so happy all round.

  • I went back to work when my eldest was 8 months old and i wanted to at that point. I now have another baby girl and i am so upset that I have to go back to work, all I want to do is stay at home with her! If you want to go back to work then do it as you can always leave if you change your mind but it will be harder to go back to the job you enjoy if you become a sahm now. hjope that makes some sense!?
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