Pull up's vs normal nappies

LO is 8 months and crawling, climbing, cruising etc and it seems his nappies are for the first time ever rubbing his little legs where the sticky strip bit is.

Also nappy changing time equates to him acting like I am burning him with hot coals - serious effort. Where I have to semi contort both of us with arms and legs just to wipe the poo from him......whilst avoiding him grabbing it and doing a frusbee flop (I know you girls understand exactly what I mean)

My mum suggested the pull up ones as but my cousin says they start to full down when full and also bag slightly -

Opinions please - I will try anything to help ease the nappy olymipics at the minute

K x


  • In my experience they dont hold wee as well but they are kinder to the top of LOs legs. It can make nappy changing easier (wet ones anyway) - could be worth a try. xx
  • I've used Pull ups with Isaac since Jan when he was showing signs of potty training. However they are not absorbent enough for at night. Plus they are more expensive than other nappies (sorry I buy the cheapest nappies on offer!)

    As he's NOT potty training I've put him back in nappies as they are cheaper. He's good now and lays still. I have been known to do nappies stood up (lo's not me! lol) They are a bit wonky, but generally ok.
    I'm having same prob with Oscar however with poos whether they have pull ups or a nappy on you would still need to lay them down in my experience! I presume distracting with toys doesn't help? I have to whistle to Oscar. Works for now............

  • hi, ever since ds hit size 4, we've been using pullup s in the day time, makes changes much much easier, even pooey ones really as ds seems to be fascinated by the fact that they go over his feet so he'll watch rather than struggle away. they're not as absorbant but they tend not to be in day time nappies for that long anyway, i think ds gets changed (if no poo's) about 3-4 times a day and i don't think i'd want him left onger than that as tahts 3-4 hours between changes. we still use a proper nappy at night time so don't ahve the worry about them not being as absorbant then either. there is quite honestly no way i could go back to using normal nappies in the day time now. xx
  • My ds is 25 months and I've never tried them! I'd ride it out, we've never had a problem with normal nappies, and they're cheaper. Now ds is older, he's passed the wriggly stage (but not yet ready for training) and tells me when he wants changing & lies still on my lap while I do it!
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