im gonna kill him!!aarrgghh!!!

is it me or are all men insensitive tits? my oh on the whole is brill but he issuch a prat at times. i have been diagnosed with pnd and so i am aware i probably havent been the easiest person to live with but he just doesnt seem to care. i cant sleep and spend hours worryin bout money in particular. he lost his job before xmas and doesnt seem to be worried. he doesnt seem to be even lookin for a new job, he spends hours on the fuckin wii - stupid git. i know he is strugglin too and feels shit bout not havin a job but he is not helpin himself. i dont know where i stand most of the time with him. hes now stormed out cos its all my fault - obviously!!he has such a hard life - he only feeds our lo on a mornin and i dont even ask him too. i do everythin else. he moans if im out through the day and moans and bitches if im in!any advice would be helpful cos im gonna kill him in his sleep


  • thanks for your replies ladies. il try talkin to him when he decides to return whenever that may be. everytime i try to talk to him he tries to turn it round on me. he doesnt seem to grasp that i just need a little tlc at times. we are supposed to be gettin wed in aug(it was arranged and deposits paid before he lost his job). part of me wants him to sod off for a couple of days so i an clear my head and he can get a bloody grip on life. if i mention money he sticks his head in the
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