Early teething?

Sophie's 15 weeks tomorrow and I really think she might be teething, but it seems so early! She started with always having her hands in her mouth and dribbling at about 11 weeks and I just put it down to her having found her hands. However, she's getting red cheeks (not all the time) and is biting everything that comes near her mouth. Yesterday whilst she was in the baby carrier she bit my finger so hard it went red. She was also inconsolable for about an hour in the evening. She was clearly hungry but every time I offered her the breast she'd suck for a few seconds and then come off screaming. She eventually wore herself out and I managed to feed her. I can't see or feel anything in her gum though. She didn't seem unwell, as she was quite content to play and smile and coo once she'd actually had some food.

Did anyone else's lo start like this at a similar age, and how long did it last for?!


  • My little man is 16 and a half weeks and has been teething on and off since he was about 8 weeks. Now it seems to be in full swing, dribbling like a tap, everything in his mouth, obviously in severe pain...Ashton and parson's teething powders, calgel and calpol are helping...

    I think teething symptoms can start really early but it could be months before a tooth actually shows.
  • Go with your instinct.....I remember as clear as anything being convinced LO was teething, everyone laughed at me and said - oh dont be silly why do you always want to rush things - grrrrr I dont!

    Anyways at 18 weeks popped his first tooth x
  • Thanks ladies, I'm convinced this is it. I asked my mum and she said I started around now, and my sister did to, so I wouldn't be at all surprised.

    I'm going to get some of the Ashton & Parsons powder and give that a go if she gets upset again today like she did yesterday.
  • we started at about 15 weeks and hes still suffering at 8 months :roll: boo at the teething!
  • it seems such a fuss for things that fall out in 5 years doesnt it? poor things x
  • The earliest a first tooth may appear is 12 weeks. We've had the symptoms for months, and are still waiting for something to appear at 7 months. xx
  • My sister was born with a tooth and my first cut at 9 weeks...
  • I'm quoting the average... xx
  • Oh I know hon...

    Your poor wee mite with all the pain and no results...evil teeth!
  • ds1 teethed from 12w and got 1st tooth at 9m. Ds2 cried from birth... teething?? and got 1st tooth at 18w

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