How long does it take to catch a cold ......

...............and start to show the symtoms?

I ask because my lo seems to be coming down with her 3rd cold - she is only 5 months old and people keep telling me her immune system should be better as she's bf!!

We phoned pil on sunday morning as they wanted to see lo over the weekend to find out that pil had a cold. My instant reaction was that Louise had only just got over her last cold.cough so I didnt want to go. But, pil had to go out so we went over to see mil on her own. While we were there pil phoned to say he was a few mins away, could he come home? Well, we couldn't exactly come home but I wish we had or had left!!!

This was on Sunday and today is Tuesday and shes all snuffly - is that too quick for her to have caught his cold? He did stand at a distance from her but I did notice that mil coughed a couple of times too??!! (she said she wasn't ill, just a tickly throat that she couldn't shift)


  • do you know... I read that a baby gets 8-10 colds in there first year!!!! I read that many places, However Eoin only had one so far, and he 13 months! xxx
  • I didn' know that! What a pain. I have just found out this though on a google search..

    How do we catch a cold?

    "A person is contagious from the day before the illness breaks out until one to three days after they feel better"
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