How often and how many bottles does you lo have a day ?

Hi, Archie is 12wks old and since about 1 or 2wks old he's been fed every 4hrs. A midwife encouraged us to do this due to his reflux. Although it is sometimes tough getting him to last 4hrs between feeds and often a bit of crying.
He has 5 7oz bottles a day and this includes the bottle he has during the night.
But, every book I read about routine and sleeping through the night (this is my next challenge) Says feed every 3hrs, but this would mean he would now be getting 6 bottles a day (including night feed). Thought I was supposed to be getting him to drop a bottle not add one !
But if I feed him more during the day will be sleep better at night ? Oh I don't know, so confused.
What do you do ? Thanks, Suz x


  • Jack is 9 weeks and has normally 4oz but occasionally 5oz (5oz maybe once a day) and he has that every 3-4 hours. We do tend to be guided by him though, so if he wants 3oz then we dont force him to take anymore. We don't like him feeding less than 2 and a hlaf hours either really. But on average about 7 bottles a day.

  • JJ usually has 7-8oz every 3 hours and has 5 bottles a day...the past 3 days tho he's taken 5-6oz every 4 hours and still has 5 bottles, i have no idea whats going on and he's still sleeping through the night! x
  • Gabe didn't go 4 hours for ages, IMO it's way too long unless baby is clearly happy with it. If he's getting fussy after 3 hours then feed him, also I find if anything it helps them sleep through, as he will be getting more milk in the day so is less likely to need the night feed. I'd just try every 3 hours for a day see how it goes.

    Gabe is now nearly 8 months and he goes 3.5 to 4 hours and has 4 bottles a day, 5 if he's up late. The HV kept telling me he should be on no more than 20oz a day (is on about 28) but when I tried dropping it to that, his nappies were so dry & he was constipated! I feed on demand now would never do otherwise xx
  • millies was going 3 hours but lately not been that botherd about her bottle no idea why!! she was having about 30oz a day shes 16 weeks
  • davids all ov er the place, he had 4oz at 3am, 5 at 8, 5 at 11, 5 at 2 3 at 4 3 at 6 and 2 at 8....

  • lolah has 5 bottles a day- she will take anything between 4 and 6oz, shes 15wks and sleeping thru the night- has a bottle every 3 hrs during the day and i find if she misses out a bottle in the daytime then she seems to wake about 430am for a feed!! so i do think for her that if she doesnt take enough milk in the day then she wont sleep thru that night. xx
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