Anyone using Cow & Gates Omneo Comfoort milk??

Hi evryone
I have changed from cow and gate premium onto the omneo comfort, to try and releive my darling son of the trapped wind.. stomach pains he gets day in day out!!

Problem is, he doesnt seem to like it image

He also is drinking a lot less.. he was up to 5ozs but now only drinking about 2 and half... so im worried now hes not getting enough.
I know the milk is thicker to help digest, but does this also mean that cos its thicker, he will get full quicker, and thats why hes not drinking as much.

I changed onto this to help relieve his pain, but now im worried he wont gain weight as well as he has been doing. I only changed it today, so I wont know if its made a difference for a few days anyway.

I was just wondering if anyone else changed their babies milk, and what happened when you did it.

Hope you can help, cos this was my last resort.. im going mad listening to him cry all day in between feeds, and his cat naps!!!
caz xx

ps.. ive posted this in March 08 forum too.. so im sorry if you read twice.x

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  • Sorry I haven't heard of the milk and my lo on sma gold so can't be much help but maybe you could try cow & gate comfort, might be a more similar taste to premium so he takes more. Or possibly try the next size teat if the milk is thicker? xxx
  • Hi.. i guess you hadnt realised that Omneo comfort is the cow and gate comfort milk.. thats just its proper name lol.Ive changed the main title to say this in case others are confused too. image
    My other 2 kids were on it too, but they didnt mind the switch over. Im also using the vari flow teats for thicker milks.. so its not the flow thats a problem. But thanks for replying hun.
    He drank more on his last feed, but hes still screeming after a feed with his pains... but like I said its gonna take a few days at least to see a difference I think. Hopefully he will just get used to it, and eventually not be in as much pain.. and then cry less.
    caz xx

    Hope you and your l/o are well Tiger lilly x

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  • Hi hun, we use c&g comfort with matthew and he drank less the first few feeds but he soon got used to it and drank more. now he has 9oz of it!!

    It will take a few days for it to show any difference tho so keep trying it to see if it works.

    Poor Thomas...I hope it works!!

    Love Heather xxx
  • Hi heather hunny
    I totally forgot you had gone onto C&G comfort.. I just remembered the teat fiasco you had lol.

    Did mathew get better with his windy/stomach pains? I just want some relief for poor Thomas, and me at the min lol... getting me down cos feel for him, but the crying and wanting picked up all day is driving me mad.. aswell as the other 2 to look after. As for my house.. well god, its never been so upside down!!! Thats getting me down even more... Im usually a mad tidy person.. so much that certain jobs have to be done everyday, and everything has its particular place etc.. hense the nickname 'monica' from friends..... but im just too tired and down at the min that ive let my chores slip, and i cant stand the mess around me... but i just look at it and think, Oh god where do I start!!! Arghhhhhhhh
    Do you ever have days like that hun... or am I going down the dreaded PND road yet again????
    Hope you and mathew and Joshua doing?
    Oh, by the way.. looks like you hadf a really fab night out in your pics!!! Who looked after the boys for you.. I couldnt leave Thomas yet, so im longing for the night I can so I can get out... that'l be the day lol
    caz xx
  • Hi hun.

    It did for a while but then they came back so the doctor gave us infant gaviscon and that really helped. he's grown out of it now tho. Bles him...its awful isnt it?

    If ur feeling down it mat have something to do with thomas being so upset all the time, cos i felt really down when i went thru that and soon as we sorted that out i started to feel better. And forget ur housework!! I did, mines just starting to look like a house again and not some doss hole! lol I know when matthew was gripy all the time i was so worn out and down in the dumps. it will get easier. Go and see the doc, he might give you something! Just dont take no sh*t!

    And i had a fab night! I was so drunk and hungover the next day (shame on me). Matthews nappies sharp sorted me out. He stopped at MIL's and joshua stayed at home with his daddy!

    Hope u feel better hun. I really feel for u! image

    Heather xxxx
  • hi my lo is on comfort she is 6 1/2 months now and has been on it since 4 weeks old as she suffered very badly fron colic. it took a few days for her to get used to it and for us to see a difference and now she won't drink any other milk. i also took her for 2 sessions of cranial osteopathy and that also seemed to work wonders. hope your little one is feeling better soon. x
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