Different nappy brands for different babies!!!

So, I have been using Huggies for my lil man Hugo since birth. He is gonna be a year old in about a week and a half. So far I have never had a leak in Huggies (except those very early days, really runny milk poos), but never a pee leak.

I have started to use the pull up nappies and they have been great, so yesterday I thought I d try the Pampers pull up nappies. Left them on for the night - VOILA all soaked Hugo in the morning!

I have never had a pee leak in the Huggies pull ups, even if I have left them overnight (over 12 hours), and Hugo is not a big pee-er during nighttimes.

The Pampers nappy didnt even feel particualrly full! And had leaked! (and was the same size as Huggies and didnt seem big or small on Hugos but)

I guess for each baby there is the right shape and size and so on!

So I am back to Huggies image

Anyone want 22 Pampers nappy pants?

xx cheerio


  • Pampers pull ups arnt very good. Defo not night nappies. The only nappies that I lke for overnight are pampers baby dry. Huggies are not good for my boys. You are definately right. about different babies = different nappies xx
  • What size are they hun? As I've been using the pampers pull ups on Joshua! He's a right little wriggle bum so I had to move to pull ups a bit sooner!

    If you let me know how much you want for them and how much for postage I'll send you the money xxx
  • They re size 4. Right size for you Tequila79?
  • When Ellie was born she was a tote so I used the pampers new baby premmie nappies then we moved onto the pampers new baby size 1. When she reached size 3 we tried the axctive fit but they were no good for overnight and now we use the simply dry ones and they are great! xx
  • I cant get away with huggies every size i've used leaks when Lucy has a poo. She's only 5mths and in a size 2 so they are still abit runny. I have over 100 huggies size 2 nappies that are no good. my mam sugguested trying to use them in when she's had her poo but she's so unpredictable its just not worth it. luckly my SIL and my B Friend are both expecting so I will be just passing them on. Pampers all the way for me !!
  • I will be changing from Huggies as soon as I use up this last pack. I use the 12 hour stay dry and I think their awful. They dont work overnight and I find that if they're not changed after every wee the outside of the nappy seems to feel damp aswell ! Plus they always smell of wee, i've got some of the pampers simply dry to try but I have found the tesco own brand ones brilliant ! No leaks, no smell, no damp feeling and cheaper !!
  • not a fan of pampers. i use asda's little angels. thery are great.
  • Absolutely NOTHING works for Gabriel overnight. I've tried everything inc 2 nappies but think that was uncomfortable for him. I'd say he wakes up wet at least 3 mornings a week, but it doesn't seem to bother him.

    I prefer Huggies for absorbency and Pampers for fit.

    I am using the Asda's little angels all the time now though as they're much cheaper, and seem to absorb well. Also there's 32 in a pack of size 4+ nappies and hardly any in the packs of Pampers.
  • I use Pampers pull ups as the Huggies ones were leaving red marks on Charlotte's hips. She must have been allergic to the tape or something. Plus they seem to fit better too.

    I normally use Huggies Super Dry at night but have bought Pampers Baby Dry again. They seem better than before but don't seem to fit as well as Huggies SD. No leaks with any of them - yet.

    My sis has been using Tescos pull ups on her youngest but they smell funny when she's peed in them!!

  • I use Huggies Natural fit for the day as Bethany was always leaking in Pampers Active fit and i use Pampers Baby Dry for night altho i have tried Huggies version and theyre as absorbant but not as soft and comfy as pampers.

    I do think Beth feels abit damp in the day tho in the Huggies so might give either Tescos or Asdas a go. Anyone tried Boots?

    Anna & Bethany (7months)
  • Anna Marie - my older sister used Boots and rated them very highly ! Havent tried them myself as I dont have a decent Boots thats easy to get to.
  • I quite like the boots nappies. Don't smell as badly as some of the main brands and the fit is good for us - but there, DS seems to get on well in both Huggies and Pampers so he must be pretty easy (shame it's not so true with the re-usables).
  • On my oldest pampers worked with her for ages then swapped to huggies but now on tescos i like them but i was in asda so ive got some of theirs to try on my youngest huggies all the way tescos ok on her but also now trying asdas so we'll see.
  • hating pampers tried them again n i had a soaking wet baby this morning, morrisons, asda or huggies all the way now
  • Thanks Lambchop - il pick some Boots ones up on Tues as im going shopping. I defo hate Huggies now as Beth seems to feel damp and smell of pee after just 2hrs. Gonna try Pampers Active Fit too as now shes bigger they may fit her better. I think im gonna have to try loads til i find the right ones!
  • I bought some boots and pampers when lo was due and I soon ditched the pampers! I have never had any issues with the boots ones but there have been quite a few ' accidents' with the pampers and the worst one was when I had white trousers on!! :roll:
  • Just to make it obvious..... my lo was sat on my lap..... i wasnt wearing nappies under my white trousers :lol:
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