sleeping through?

Since friday i have been giving my little one water when she wakes in the night to try and wean her off the night feeds. She is getting more than enough milk in the day so was advised by the HV to do this.

Has any one else done this recently? I just wondered how long it took for your LO to realise it was not worth waking up for and started sleeping through?


  • i did this with my boy when he was about 5months old and it worked he sleeps from 8pm til 8.30am now. if i think right it took probably about a week, its annoying at first but it did work for my baby.
    good luck.
  • im going to start doing this has from friday, let me know how you get on nicole
  • fingers crossed it will only take a few more nights then! I am desperate for a full nights sleep!

  • I never tried water just waited until my son was ready he started sleeping through at 12 months, before this he used to just wake early about 5.3am from going to bed at 7pm has always been in bed asleep by 7pm since he was 4 months old. Now sleeps 7pm till around 7.30am
  • I havent tried this but I will if Theo doesnt start sleeping soon!
  • macey will take about an ounce of water and then realises what it is, she will grisle for a few seconds but then settles back off with her dummy. She wakes between 6.30 and 7 which is when i give her a bottle of milk.
    She goes to bed at 7 and i give her a dreamfeed at 10.30.

    I just wondered how long it would take her to realise that it isnt worth waking for the water and slept through until the morning
  • Hi hun, havn't done it myself, i just stopped the feeds all together but i'd imagine she'd push it about a week... just to see if mammy gives in and gives milk! lol. They are smart little devils! hehehe.

    xjojox - the idea is that they don't want the water - and will most likely get upset - but they realise in the process that water is not worth waking up and crying for!
  • Ive given Evan water in the night since 4 months and he still doesnt sleep through, he just wakes up now

    it may work for you but it didnt for me lol
  • My grandma was a nurse working with babies for years, she did it with my mum at 2 months (yes, 2 months, how silly) and swears it works...I never tried it myself as Gabe is not a big feeder at night. Wakes up occasionally but rarely.
  • i didnt have to do it on my first either as he just started sleeping though on his own.
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