They wont do a section but will induce?

Hello mummies
sorry I havent been on in a few days, hope everyone is well!
I had another consultant appointment last thursday, a week after being refused my section and the consultant will not let me go to my due date. Why not? She says its because she wants to control my birth better but I thought I was more likely to end up having an instrumental delivery with an induction? She's booked me in for an induction on the 29th of june at 8am, does this mean they'll just break my waters as she's booked me in for the morning? I'll be 38 weeks.
Shes booked me an appointment to see her 10 days before they induce and she's going to scan me then and see what position baby is in and go through everything again.
I'm just feeling really confused about the whole thing.


  • Hi Carly

    I think I responded before when they first refused a c-section?? I dont know if you looked at any of the websites??

    Anyway they cannot make you be induced if you don't want to be (although you sound a bit unsure). I really think you should contact Beverley Beech at AIMs (Association for Improvements in Maternity Services). She is a lovely lady and exlpain what happened before and what is going on now. The AIMs no. is 0870 765 1453.

    Failing that I would speak to your midwife if you find her easy to talk too. explain what is going on, what the consultant has recommended and what your concerns are.

    I had a similar issue to you. In my first pregnancy I was induced due to high blood pressure. I had a reaction to the pessary and was advised to avoid induction next time round. In my second pregnancy there were issues and again the consultants wanted to induce. I took a lot of advice from many people and organisations and in the end ignored the consultants advice, refused induction and had my baby at home as planned. It's very hard to make the decision to go with your instincts.

    I really don't understand your consultants reasoning but I am no expert. Deinitely contact AIMs and discuss things through with them and be happy in your decision ( It is ultimately your decision they cannot make you do anything - it is your baby, your body). AIMs also should be able to advise who you contact next re: the c-section.

    I would be interested to hear how you get on. I suffered a 3rd degree tear with my first and a second degree tear with my second. If I have anymore I also will be wanting a c-section as both times the wound hasn't healed well and I am expecting to be referred to the hospital for an operation shortly.

    Good luck and make sure you stand up for what you want.

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  • hey,

    I'm guessing that they'd prefer not to give you a section as it's a huge operation with longer recovery times. With an induction it can be more painful leading to more pain relief - if you have an epidural you cant feel as much or anything so that can lead to an assited delivery. But it is not more painful for everyone!!!

    When I was induced I was told that they take first time mums in in the evening as it usually takes more than one attempt to work, one pessary/gel in the evening and a 2nd in the morning. With 2nd time mums it in theory works more quickly as your body has been through it before.

    I guess what they do will depend on your body at the time. They usually insert a pessary/gel that is supposed to get things started, get you dialating and contractions started. Once you start dialating, If things dont happen naturally at the right pace from then on they can break your waters and/or put you on a drip to increase contractions. I think that if when they do the first examination, if you are already dialated they can break your waters without needing the gel.

    Why are you being induced early? Hope it all goes well.

  • I'm not really sure why they wont let me go at least to my due date but they wont! I think its because of how big Theo was, I know he was only 7lb 4oz but for 2 weeks early I suppose thats biggish. My consultant thinks he's have been 10lb something if he'd gone to 42 weeks which is quite big considering i'm only 5ft!
  • i don't know what to say to tell you the truth but i'm sure you'll get to know more at that appointment before the induction.

    Either way, i hope you get what you want.

    Lisa xxx
  • Are you SPD this time round? Epidurals are a big no-no in that situation but then if your looking at Induction they're usually advised to tolerate the contractions - a bad case of catch 22 image

    I'd keep fighting for a c section if you believe thats the right decision for you
  • I am suffering from spd this time around. Not as badly as last time yet but theres still 14 weeks to go. How come epidurals are a no no for spd? I dont really know what I think is the best course of action now! The consultant has scared me about the c-section, she went into detail about all the problems you can have with a section and went on and on about how much better a vaginal delivery would be but then a normal natural delivery would be great but I just cant see me having one! I want a section but I just dont know what to do.
  • According to my friend (who is pregnant and has spd), the epidural is not recommended because if you can't feel your legs and move them too far due to lack of feeling then you could end up do ing yourself more damage.

    Hope you sort something out thats best for you
  • Kia's right and also it's not good for you to be in one position for a long period, you would be relying on others to move your legs for you and you can't tell them if they're hurting.... When the epidural does eventually wear off it would be like having done too much exercise

    Of course there are risks with a section, it's a major operation and not decision to be taken lightly, but a g/a carries a risk, administration of an epidural carries a huge risk!!! Please don't let that put you off. If you've had 2 vaginal deliveries and they didnt go to plan and you know deep down this one won't why even try?
  • i mean can i really feel fab 48hours after a natural birth like i did after an emsc with blood and plasma transfer??

    They don't transfuse as routine though, so if you hadn't needed it they wouldn't have bothered.
    A friend of mine had a emsc last wk, and it's only this week that she has stopped clock watching for her pain relief - personally having seen her it's not something I would do willingly but you know from 2 previous births that a vaginal birth is just not gonna happen!
    Another reason they may be trying to put you off, is the care c section mums need after, all the girls who had a section I shared a rm with needed more help than I did.
    Have you got help for after the baby is born? something you'll need more than ever if section is agreed

    Hope you get what you want
  • Yes, there is a risk with a section, but thousands are carried out every week with no lasting problems for mother or baby. I guess they need to outline the risks but it is unfair of them to take such a hardline.

    From the sounds of it this really is the best option for you, and besides, the worry that will be caused for the rest of your pregnancy by the prospect of a natural birth just isn't worth it.

    Stick to your guns and if you still aren't happy then you should definitely consider swapping hospitals.

    Good luck x
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