Is this a bug going around - or should i be worried?!

I have a sick (i think) baby. He is between 4 and 5 months old and i started weaning him 3 weeks ago - that is going fine. I started to give him formula during the day, with just breast milk in the evening and morning last Monday. It was all going swimmingly except he had a cold (3rd one!!!) Then i fed him on Friday and he proectile vomited all 7ozs 2 mins later! He was as happy as larry after that but refused all food until his bedtime feed. Ate 3 times in the night with no probs, then had his rice and had his formula. He then again projected it all over me and although he screamed for food, would not take either bottle, breast or rice. He then ate in the evening and had 3 night feeds. On Sunday he did the same, xcept he refused all feeds during the day completely, and screamed alot. Today he screamed at the bottle, i gave him expressed breast milk which he ate 3oz of, then projected it back up again.

I can't figure out what's wrong, he was ok on the formula before - so surely its not that, he will drink from a bottle, so surely its not that, but he eats lots at night, but then that's a consequence of fewer day feeds isn't it??

Between times he is happy and plays and he has a slightly lower temp, but nothing on the scale of worry!

What do you think? I'm debating a doc appointment but i feel like an over-protective parent, especially as he is in good spirits!:\?


  • Hi I don't ave any ideas about what it could be, but I would make a doctor's appointment just to be on te safe side. Even if it turns out to be nothing, at least you will be reassured and thats what the doctor is there for.
  • my lennon had been throwing up since the 1st nov,it lasted a week.only since sat just gone has he kept anything down,its a bug going around i had doc out friday,he gave me dioralite(spelling) and was told to give him nothing but that for 24-48 hours,milk is not to be given unless it is dilouted by half but the dioralite has sugars and salts which throwing up loses so this replaces them

    i would suggest trying this for at least 24 hours with nothing else and no milk for 48 hours

    hope this helps
  • Sorry no idea what could be causing this but I would get it checked out if it continues. You could try ringing nhs direct up for advice first. I've not personally used them, but many ladies on here have and have found them useful.

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  • If i were u i would make a docs appointment. There is nothing wrong with being/feeling overprotective, i'm exactly the same. Especially when u think ur lo is poorly. There are sickness bugs that go around at this time of year, so your lo may possibly have a bug.
    Definately worth getting lo checked out especially if he his projectile vomiting alot.

    Good luck x

  • just a thought?Have u changed teat size on bottles recently?i breastfeed my lo but if my mum has her if we go out (not that its v often!!)she has a bottle of expressed milk.She used to projectile vomit afterwards and we realised that the teat was too fast for her,when we changed it to the smaller ones she was fine xx
  • Hello all
    Thanks for all the replies, he seems fine now, i am going to try Aptamil milk for a few days, but will give breast milk from a bottle first as he may associate these with feeling poorly? Do you think? As i think the Cow and Gate may have caused it, but i won't really know as i will try new milk and see how i go......!
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