Well, this is it. Almost time to go.... **UPDATE**

I'm off, for one week, then back Friday-Sunday and away for another week. I have to retrain for work after maternity leave and am going to London for a residential course.
Oh is in sole charge of dd and lo!!

Although a part of me is really looking forward ti it, the 1st week especially as it will be nice to be able to sleep in (!), have unbroken sleep, get drunk EVERY night (cant be helped as this always happens on these courses, when you have a bunch of strangers thrown together in London what else can you do!), eat out every night (and not have to pay!!!) and generally be young and free for a week,.....I'm going to miss them all so much and cant help worry. Oh is more then capable and I think it will be good for him to have sole charge of the kids but Nathan isnt sleeping well and I know how hard it is at night when we are both there.

I'm excited, but nervous. Also not sure if I'll be able to BE. Depends how much the hotel charge for WiFi connection.

Keep your fimgers crossed for oh ladies. I might even give him my log in details so he can ask you guys for help!


***** Well, I'm now siting in the bar at my hotel with a glass of wine and merrily tapping away at my laptop. I'm so on edge though. Oh decided to drive me up here and until I know they're home I wont relax at all. It took longer than expected so Nathan wont be home in time for his bottle and will be in bed late. My only hope is that he'll be so knackered that he'll sleep through for Steve. Lo's got conjunctivitis and although he's fine in himself he looks really poorly so it was horrible leaving him.
I actually could cry I think (best not as in a public place). I hope I'll be alright tommorrow when I know other people as at the moment I'm on my own:cry:
Thank god i've got BE. Only till 9pm though as its bloody expensive to have WiFi here (??6.50 per hour! buthad half hour free as I brought wine) and also Get Me Out Of Here is on then so I'll no longer need you!!lol).


Its Ok, They're home. Phew. Still got to do bottle etc but all ok. I miss oh sooo much. I'm really proud of him for getting on with things on his own.


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  • lol mumDonna - have a great time, im sure OH will be fine but its only natural to worry. The time will probably fly by anyway. Take care xx xx
  • Hope you have a lovely break. I left lo for a whole day with her dad for the first time last week. all the time I was worrying about them and missing her. It was nice though to miss her and be missed!
  • Have a great time hun! It must be horrible leaving them though, but try to enjoy it - very jealous of the glass of wine! I dont blame you for being proud of oh for dealing with Nathan and Lauren cos my oh would fall apart if I left him with Gabe for a fortnight....he cant manage 15 minutes let alone a fortnight! xx
  • Thanks girls. Feel much better now I know they're home.

    Feeling very sophisticated sat in plush leather booth with webbook open and glass of wine on the go. My bad hair and scruffy jeans dont quite fit the picture - I didnt have a shower today (Urrgghh) as I was really enjoying playing with the kids (much more fun when your missing them before you've even gone!) so I'm looking really unkempt!!

    I also think that I may end up getting drunk which probably isnt good when I have my 1st day on the course tommorrow but I'm struggling to take it seriously when I have been doing the job for 3 years already - everyone else will be new which will be wierd!

    And yes ??6.50 for internt connection is bloody expensive, if I went for 24 hours it was ??12.50!! Might not be back on till I'm home on Friday.

  • Only 6 mins to go on my WiFi!
    Spoke to oh, Nathan not settleing but chatty not crying. Bound to be a bit unsettled because of long journey. Might be missing me too?
    have had 2 large glasses of wine, feeling a bit tipsy and going to get McDonalds (naughty I know - but so nice) to take back to room for I'm a Celecbirty.
    Not likely to be on again until Sat so goodbye for now!

    aRRGGHH, 5mins to go!!

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