worried about this rash

Hi ladies,
Just after some advice or reasurance really. Yesterday Holly was unusually grizzly. She wasnt hungry, wouldnt drink anything and was just miserable which isnt like her. I changed her nappy at 11am and she had a rash over her stomach, back and bum area. Its like tiny pin pricks. Like heat rash really but its not heat rash im sure. I took her to the gp who said basically she didnt know what it was, well she said "I think its a rash linked to a little virus she may have". Then she said it could bea urine infection so could i collect a sample from holly (how on earth am i supposed to do that?!) bought a potty which holly proudly did a poo on but no urine at all so far on it! Although much to daddys horror as soon as i took the potty to get rid of the poo she wee'ed on the carpet! Anyway, i digress!
Today Holly seems more grizzly, less interested in food, wouldnt play with her friend ect. And her rash seems to have now moved to her legs aswell.
Im worried about taking her back to the drs as its not much diffent to yesterday. But something doesnt feel right. Have any of you ladies had any experience with baby rashes?
Thanks in advance, oh Holly is 10 months by the way. x


  • petal, my advice would be to go straight back to GP or else phone NHS direct. It could very well be one of those "none specific viral rashes" which can break out if LO is feeling grotty, but the fact it has spread a bit and you said yourself something doesnt feel quite right says to me it needs checked over again. The dr won't mind having another look im sure, or NHS are really helpful. better safe than sorry chick XX
  • i'd take her straight to a&e hun and demand some tests, better to be safe than sorry! after hearing some stories on here i wouldn't trust doctors, trust ur instincts and do what u think is best! x
  • Sorry no experience of the rash but you know her best and if she's not herself I would go back to the gp's asap just to make you feel better if nothing else. Am sure she'll be fine and yes how the heck do you get a sample from a baby-squeeze the nappy out! Let us know how you get on x
  • Thank you so much for your replies. I managed to get the urine sample finally. Got Holly dressed to take her to the drs to hand the sample in and ask for another apt, when i noticed that she has little red blisters on her hands which she had been trying to itch all morning (i thought she was doing round and round the garden!). So we went straight there, and te receptionists said they had no apts left and i could see a dr at 10:40 tomorrow morning. Im a nurse (adult so no nothing about kiddies) and yet never manage to stand my ground with these receptionists! I know they are running the show with a couple of locums over there and the one we saw yesterday moaned because they squeezed us in at the end of surgery (which was running on time as 2 patients hadnt turned up) so maybe thats why they wouldnt give me a same day apt. But i though as its a baby they would make exceptions. I dont even have a car anymore so cant drive holly to the out of hours clinic, and i dont want to take her to a+e and have put her through tests that may be unnessisary. Sorry, i thinkk im thinking with my fingers!
    I may take her to out of hours when hubby gets home if shes still grotty. Shes managing a little nap at the mo.
    Thanks again. x
  • Thanks guys. We went to the Walk in Centre when Hubby got home. The nurse was wonderful.
    LynneMJ: Your good! It is indeed Hand, foot and mouth. Feel so much better now we have seen someone who appeared to know what she was doing! Cant recomend the walk in centre enough. And she gave us the out of hours drs no ect. Holly is feeling really grotty but is managing to sleep on and off this evening.
    Thanks again for your help. x
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