Band aids ...

I was clipping Hugo's nails, and clipped a tiny bi of skin off (bad mummy, awwww). I didn't even notice it at first and Hugo wasn't protesting. But then I noticed it is bleeding from this teeny weeny little hole ...

Now he is using his hands lots, and also rolling on tummy ... he keeps opening the little hole up and it continues bleeding ... all the playmat now is with little blood dots ...

So I have put a bandaid on his thumb (covers the whole thumb lol, tinny hands).

Do you think it is ok? He is 4 months, chewing hands and all (but not thumb), if I never let him out of my eyesight (so he doesn't chew it off), can I keep the bandaid on till it stops bleeding?


  • Oh dear! I hate cutting Louise's nails. I'd rather change tons of yucky nappies!!

    I cant see why not as long as he doesn't eat it, themn when he goes to sleep you can take it off and the air will help it to heal.
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