over active thyroid after having baby?

Has anyone else developed this? I have heard that pregnancy can trigger it.
I'm having blood tests tomorrow to find out if thats what it is, but since having Summer 4 months ago I have lost loads of weight even tho I eat loads of fatty things (was 9 stone pre pregnancy and am nearly 8 now), I get really dizzy spells, always feelk as if i'm on the go and get really bad insomnia.

Just wondered how it is treated and if I can still breastfeed while being treated. Would be very greatfulfor any advice or to hear from anyone who has had this.

Thanks girls!!



  • Hi Faith85

    I have an underactive thyroid, but I had this pre-pregnancy anyway. But it can occur during pregnancy, as I have to be checked out in a few weeks to ensure that my thyroid levels r ok since having the baby. When Brooke was born, they also checked Brooke to ensure that she did not have thyroid problems. They will give you medication (normally one tablet a day) and you will probably go for blood tests every so often to check your thyroid levels (I was going for blood tests every 6 weeks in beginning till the medication showed that my thyroid levels were stabilising)

    You should have no problems breastfeeding, as I breastfed Brooke.

    Hope this helps.

  • Thanks hun, thats good to know (that I can still feed her) otherwise I wouldn't be able to start treatment yet as she refuses the bottle lol. I will also ask the docs if she needs to get checked out, I didn't realise it could affect the babies!!
    Thanks again hun.xxx
  • Hi hun, I think I read an article on this a while ago about Kate garraway developing this.
    The symptoms are:
    Sufferers exhibit many tell-tale symptoms: sensitivity to heat, weight loss, insomnia, sweating, anxiety attacks and muscle pains.

    I would defo get it checked out asap as it can be dangerous.
    Good luck xxx
  • Well that sounds spot on! I keep waking up at night sweating and I used to feel the cold so easily, plus have been having councelling for anxiety that started while I was pregnant for no reason. Even the councellor can't figure out what triggered it lol!!! I'm a bit gutted that this is the reason for the weight loss though, just thought I was really lucky and the constant breast feeding worked wonders hehe. Ah well, would rather put the weight back on and be fit and healthy for my girls than be skinny and miserable!! Thanks hun.xxx
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