Next size teats....

I'm thinking of moving my LO onto the variflow Avent teats, but am after some advice first! When she feeds, she always dozes of at some point during the bottle, normally after a few oz's, and makes a rather loud sucking noise, that similar to a loud tut! Like shes struggling to get any milk out. She is on size 2 already & is only 6 weeks. I read the variflow teats are good as it allows them to take it at there own pace rather than the medium/fast flow teats......


CG xxx


  • we use TT bottles but moved to variflow at about 3 months as he was such a slow feeder, they are brilliant as instead of holes there is a cross at the top so they can control the speed, for us it was brilliant as his feeds went from taking 45mins to 20mins and even faster during the night!
    I recently bought DS fast flow as he is now 8months but we have gone back to variflow as the fast flow started to slow him down again!

    Hope the variflow work for you too x
  • same here, Josh has the TT variflow and he;'s only 5 weeks old - the others were too slow and he just fell asleep after 20mins and only 2oz if we were lucky. Now he can take 4oz in about 20mins - he does gulp at them but I've tried him back on the original ones and he does the same there - I think he just wants all his milk NOW!!!! (incase someone pinches it from him!!)

    I think they are worth a go - who would have thought feeding was so complicated! I just thought a bottle and teat was all you need!

    Suz x
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