Just left my husband.....

because he is being sick.
I am an awful awful wife,

Ruby had the sickness bug on Friday and I have a phobia of being sick. Beyond belief,
However, as her Mum I battled through it, cuddled her, let her sleep on me on the sofa and only had an hour and a halfs sleep....
Anyway, she stopped being sick late Friday night and now just has dioreah.
I have spent 3 days bleaching everything, dettoling door handles and washing clothes.
Today hubbie came home from work, said he didn't feel right, refused his tea and then as I was getting Rubes to go down for the 3rd time tonight, I heard him rush to the bathroom...
I took Ruby, grabbed the nappy bag and t-shirt from the ironing basket and drove to my Mums (with Ruby in the car set in her grobag!!).

She has gone down a dream in her travel cot and I am sat here shaking from head to toe, feeling guilty for leaving him (he did know it was a condition of our marriage!) but feeling more scared that I am gonna get it now too.
I really thought 5 days later it would be gone.
More fool me.
It turns out, my Mum and Dad have both had dioreah (they helped to look after Ruby when she was poorly).

How many Mums have managed to get away with not catching this off their lo's?

I need some moral support please.

Am crying now... :cry:

This is so horrible.. I am so scared...



  • oh hun im sure you'll be fine.
    cam had it, oh got it then his mum and dad got it, my friend who visited had it and i didnt even have a flutter of it! us mummies are made of strong stuff, you'll be fine xx
    lol at ruby in hr grobag in the car!! x
  • When lo has had a tummy bug oh got it but touch wood I never did. Even when I was usually the one covered in it and sharing a bed with a poorly baby.

    Does he know you have gone to your mums?? LoL

    Hope it all improves in your house soon

    Kerry, Freya and Pink Bump
    X X X
  • Ah thankyou Listef. xxx
  • Yes he knows! xxx
  • i have visions of your poor oh getting up from the bathroom floor to find the house empty, frontdoor lying open and skid marks in the drive way from your car!!!LOL LOL!! Please tell me you told him you were going!!Hope he gets better soon and you can all get back to normal again.
    love fiona and hayden
  • Poor you. Both me and my husband got the bug and then I developed a chest infection from it. Kara however escaped everything and she was even sleeping in with us the night we were both sick. My husband was vomiting and I had the diarohea. Thing one of us could have had the both but we decided to split it. Glad Kara didn't get it and fingers crossed it stays away. I was off work for 2 weeks as it took me this long to come around and to be honest I still wasn't great then.
  • Hey hun, fingers crossed you don't get it but have you ever tried to get help with your phobia?

    May be worth talking to your GP about as with children sick is something hard to avoid! Maybe worth giving hypnotherapy a go? Can't be nice getting so worked up and stressed like this.

    Hope your hubby feels better soon too! xx
  • Try not too worry as a mother with children at school age you are always going to catch something 1 of my boys got the bug a week ago last thursday then my daughter and 2nd son got it saturday and then my 3rd son got it sunday but me my husband and our baby have escaped without getting it. unfortunatley there is nothing you can do for your husband just make sure he drinks plenty and just stays rested up.
  • i hun, i hAD THE FEAR OF BEING SICK WHEN I WAS 10 till 19, it was soo bad i used to cry at the thought and litrally pray that i wouldnt be sick, i went to the doctor and he gave me.. omg my minds gone blank, he gave me tabs i think they were for travel sickness but i soo relied on these tablets i took them every night and took them everywhere!! i was on them for a year,i have got over my fear now, i still hate feeling and being sick but doent everyone?.. it stopped me from going in a car and doing things i wanted to do, have you seen your doctor about it? big hugs to you xx xxxxx
  • Thanks all for your support.
    I fully intend to gt help, it's just never the right time you know?
    Hubby's sickness has passed but he still has dioreah. He fully understands and is a star about it. Bless him.
    Ruby and I are still at my mums.
  • oh sweety i know exactly how you feel, i have to same phobia and my god it's awful isn't it! Luckily up to now evie's never been sicky much at all apart from milky spit-up when tiny. But a few months back hubby came home very drunk after a night out in town, got into bed... then 5mins later dashed to the bathroom where i heard the beginnings of it all... i ran out of the house into the garden (in my tiny pj's in the winter) and broke down into tears, i could still hear the sounds so had to go practically out on the street and just sobbed my heart out and panicked. i could hardly bring myself to go back into the house and made hubby sleep on the sofa!

    I'm also terrified like you of catching sicky bugs, you might be lucky and get away with it though! i hope you all are feeling a lot better soon, sending you big hugs and lots of sympathy! XX

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