Harris teeh are playing up today, so ive given him some chilling celery to gum on obv washed it first and chopped the end off, is this ok do you think? xx


  • Hi there, sorry didn''t see your other reply about carrots and cucumber.

    I par boil the carrot sticks so they are bit softer on the gum, but the cucumber I just cut into thickish sticks and leave skin on.

    Never thought of celery tho, can't see why it would do any harm, i'll have to give that one a go as well ;\)

    When shea was really grisly on sunday, he didn't want to eat anything so I gave him a real treat - raspberry ripple ice cream in a cornet!! He loved it and it must have been nice and cold on his gums, bless. Naughty of mum but sooooo cute to see ice cream all round his chops!!
  • aaaw love him! harri is a bit young for that unfortunatley! aaagh the bath in the kitchen sink i always do harri in the sink!
  • yeah, sink baths are sooooo much fun, he prefers a whisk and wooden spoon as his playthings!!
    ....and it saves so much water!!
  • yeah it definatley does and i find it easier to handle and play with himas my back isnt great plus he wedges nicely in the corner of the sink, harri has a rubber duck we got it for him to stop him playing with his willy, now he has duck in one hand, willy in the other. ...typical man! xxx
  • anything cold and hard is perfect for teething babies. i read in one of my baby books that the harder the better when it comes to teething, because it pushes the teeth through the gums.
  • I am always worried that hard thing will hurt his gums even more...but harri seems to prefere the really hard plastic things so i just let him ave them,,,he didnt think much to the celery lol xxx
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