anyone used the orange pampers yet???

think they are called stay dry and come in the larger sizes - just wondered if they are any good?

Max only uses disposables overnight for at least 12 hrs so would these be ok? any expereinces???

They look v reasonably priced!


  • yup, got a pack, tried them, hated them!!!

    We put Nat in them overnight and the next morning it looked like someone had poured boiling water all over his boy parts! He had been grizzly all night but we put it down to teething as his nappy wasn't at all full but it seems the inside layer doesn't keep wee away from the skin and for days after he was really uncomfortable while the nappy rash healed, and he's never had that problem with Huggies! So he' went straight back into Huggies, rash is healed and the Pampers are not going to be used again.

    I hadn't actually appreciated how well Huggies worked before, still it was only a fiver wasted I guess. :/
  • dont get the wipes either theyre small and flimsy! x
  • I bought some cause asda have the packs on 3 for a tenner and the pampers club had sent me out 6 vouchers for ??2.50 off - so I used 3 vouchers, 3 packs and it cost ??2.50. Bargain image

    normally I hate pampers (they smell of wee and leak!) but these aren't too bad. They seem to hold a lot of wee - and cole can wee a lot but he doesn't sleep through the night so i can't comment on how long they last
  • I hate pampers except the new baby ones, I find the others leak and the wee seems to crystalise and cause a nappy rash. We use boots own, asda or huggies when they're on offer.
  • I'm the same as carly love the newbaby pampers but hate all the others as they smell of wee after only a few minutes of being on, look and feel like they are full of wee but never are and they don't seem to be as big as other nappies. I use Tesco and ASDA own and love them. Tesco had some of their nappies the other day for ??2.99 or 3 for ??8 bargain!xx
  • Hi, I bought some of the new simply dry from Morrisons! I've found them great for during the day - no wee leaks + no poo leaks either even when charlie was teething if you know what I mean!!
    I wouldn't use them at night though because they seem really thin - I'll be sticking to the pampers baby dry.
    Will def be buying another couple of packs while they're on offer though!
  • i find them fab during the day and night...everyone's different so just get a pack to try, they're cheap enough x
  • I normal hate pampers but I thought I would give these ago and I love them use them all the time now!! image
  • Does anyone know what size they go up to?
    The biggest I could find was size 5 and I normally put Charlie in 5+ at night for the extra absorbtion!
    Would def try them at night if they were in a 5+ !!
    L x
  • i'm 99.9% certain they only go up to 5 x
  • Oh thats a shame, I had a feeling that might be the case!
    Thanks though xx
  • I've just checked the pack (why I didn't think to do that in the first place I don't know!!! :lol: ) and they do only go up to 5!
  • my LO is in 5+ baby dry and the size 5 simply dry are quite big on him, dunno if that helps at all? lol x
  • right thanks for all the opinions we'll give them a try when our huggies super dry stock runs out!
  • Ive bought them but havent tried them yet. We currently use huggies superdry for the day but I dont like them now as they seem to constantly leak and are dreadful for night time, and we use tesco own brand for night time which are fab ! I was gonna switch permanantly to tesco but thought i'd try them as they were on offer, just waiting to use up my huggies supply.
  • well im a pampers fan anyway and i did a post about this myself the other day and i think they are fine so far. they are really thin but look more comfy for this reason. daisy drinks loads of juice particuarlly before bed and they seem v absorbent to me . im gonna stock up at morrissons for a fiver they are good value xx
  • I cannot stand them!
    I find they stink.

    I always use Asda's own.
    Work out sooo much cheaper and no leaks or nasty wiffs xxx
  • I do think they stink at all!! I get no nasty wiffs or leaks si far so good! The other pampers do but not these and they are cheaper then some own brands!

    I am not keen on some own brands!!
  • i hate them bought 2 packs on offer one for Lexie and and one for Leah put them in them overnight and they leaked thats the first leak we have had over night so i used the rest through the day and wont be buying them again we usually use Huggies suoer dry or Tesco im going to try Asdas next week after hearing how good they are.
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