Does anybody else wish...

That their OH was a little less like a burping farting butt scratchin real man, and a LOT more like Edward Cullen??
I have just finished reading the twilight saga for about the hundredth time, and am now feeling rather hard done by!! :lol::lol:


  • that somes up my hubby :lol:
    not the edward cullen bit- the burping farting bit! :lol:!! xxx
  • God I must be really over-tired cos I read that as the Twiglet saga!! :/

    Although I can appreciate that E C is a rather tasty specimen of a man, he is a bit too 'nice' and 'clean' for me, and also watching my teenage daughter moon about the house wistfully dreaming about him has put me off him somewhat! lol

  • Hehehe, he normally would be too clean cut for me, but the whole vampire/could crush you by accident thing adds a bit of excitement!!
    I'm sure i'd soon get bored with it, but a bit of utter unswerving devotion wouldn't go amiss right now!!! xxx
  • im happy with my oh, farts and all lol

    are twiglets low in fat?????
  • My OH is nothing like that lol!!!

    Twiglets remind me of that Mr.Bean episode when he uses twigs and marmite instead :lol:

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