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We have started weaning Hugo today (sob, my baby is growing up. And now I'll have to cook stuff and wash dishes!) and I've just put him down to bed.

For those ladies whose babies started sleeping better, or sleeping through after weaning, how long did it take for the sleeping to get better? Apart from a stint between 10 and 16 weeks where he only woke once for a quick (Breast) feed, he has always been a shocking sleeper. At 24 weeks he was awake and crying 4 times last night and would only settle once I had fed him. So while I know for some people weaning made no difference to sleeping and waking, I'd like to dare to hope that more sleep is on the horizon. I know better than to expect that a bit of porridge and banana will make any difference to tonight's sleep, but maybe in a week or two?

Secondly and kind of related, did you find that you had to change more dirty nappies at night after weaning? Hugo had some porridge at 12 today and then some banana mixed with breast milk at 4 so I'm wondering if I'm going to regret that afternoon banana? Or have solids made no difference to the nighttime dirty nappy situation? There is nothing like a nappy change to really wake Hugo up and make it harder to settle him once I'm done.

So, experiences welcome please!


Peeptoe and Hugo


  • Sleep is still an issue for us, although she's now waking to trump, then needing feeding to get back to sleep. She took a while to get used to digesting milk when she was first born, so I'm hoping this too will pass quite quickly. She's not waking from hunger more than once in the night though, at least I don't think so as I don't feed her for long before she's off again.

    Poop has changed. Frequency is the same and it's still not offensive, but you can often tell exactly what she's eaten the day before! Yesterday we had half inch pieces of green bean and we've also had chuncks of avocado and the the tips of broccoli florets. Today, I swear it smelled of melon and it was really mushy - yesterday she had melon and very ripe pear. We're BLWing as she wouldn't take anything off a spoon.

    She still doesn't ever poop in the night, although I've stripped back her nappy convinced she has to find it was just trump a few times now.

    You'll know if the banana's gone through as there'll be little black wiggly bits in his poop!

    Have fun!
  • Well last night had to be the worst night he has ever had - including when he was a newborn. So for anyone who is hurrying to wean in the hopes that sleeping will improve, you'll be sorely disappointed!

    He went down at 8pm and then woke hourly until midnight, then every 30 minutes until 4am until finally sleeping from about 4.30am through to 6am.

    Am having a horrendous day as a result!
  • Oh no Peeptoe, I completely sympathise with the sleeping issues F (23 weeks) is so similar. He also wakes regularly and will only settle by feeding himself back to sleep and I am completely shattered! I had been wondering if when we start weaning it will help, but I won't hold my breath then.
    Have you tried giving him a dummy instead of feeding him when he wakes up? We had some success with this for a little while, but after being ill he went right back to his old habits and is showing no signs of improvement at the moment.
    I really hope you have a better nights sleep tonight and things begin to get better.
    Cg xxx
  • My LO was always up at least once in the night until we started weaning.
    we started at 22 weeks and I would say by 6 months (so maybe 4 weeks) he was sleeping through most nights, sometimes waking but I would just give him water then as I knew he wasn't hungry.
    Now at 8 months he sleeps through 6.30pm until 7am. I always said he would never do it until weaning began, as he just didn't take lot's of milk.
    it was no quick fix but once he was on 3 meals (main course and pud) he started to do it.
    Hope your nights improve.
    I also find he never has a dirty nappy in the night, there is usually one first thing in the morning but solids have not made a difference to him where nappy changes at nights are concerened.
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