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Hello Ladies
Not been on for a while but I always know I can come back for advice from all you fountains of knowledge.
We have just booked Macys Chriestening for May at a C of E church and I have asked my friend to be her god mother but she has just told me she hasnt been christened into any religion. Her other godmother is my sister so i know she has but I dont know what rules they have at protestant churches as im not that religious really.
Anyone have any idea on the rules or been in the same situation?


  • i think it depends on the vicar - of the boys 6 god parents, 5 hadnt been christened, but the vicar didnt ask if they had been (C of E church too).

    when we get round to christening Issy, the ones we have chosen havent been christened either!
  • brilliant, thanks soo much
  • u need to check cuz we HAD to pick people that had been christened and fill out a form with all the details x
  • i dont think u can prove if someone has been or not. our church u have to be christened to be god parent but my mate just said they all were and that was fine. so aslong as u and u godparents are prepared to lie in church no one will no any different!! x
  • Ummm if you're not religeous then just have a naming ceremony. Our vicar certainly prefers Godparents to have been Baptized (and some insist in confirmed aswell) after all they are making promises to God on your LO's behalf.
    Upsy-daisy seems like your friend missed the point somewhat.
  • We are godparents to OHs sisters kids. One of the other godparents had not been christened. OHs sister was asked by the vicar, but decided to lie and say that we had all been christened. No harm no foul. Does being christened change a persons roll in being there for their god children when needed? Dont meant to offend any mommies on here who are religious with this reply.
  • i does depend on vicar but having just had daisy christened i think its wrong to lie. if the vicar doesnt mind thats fine but a god parent has vows to say and keep dont know whether i would feel comfortable about it if there was dishonesty involved. i prob more sensitive about this as i just had daisy done and strongly believe in baptism.
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