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Teething at 15 weeks???


Freddie is nearly 15 weeks old now and i am wondering if he is starting to teeth he has a lot of the symptons but i thought that it didnt happen yet?

He has constantley got his hands in his mouth and dribbleing loads, a bit flushed in the cheeks, has nappy rash and has had looser poop than usual, has a little bit of a snuffly nose but doesnt seem like a cold as it comes and goes, generally not as happy in the day and he is waking up at night crying which he never does (even when he is hungry he just wakes and makes little chomping noises)

Do you think it could be his teeth?

I gave him a bit of teething gel and he did calm a bit

He has just woke up and broke his heart little love, so i have just sat here and had a cry myself because i cant stand seeing him so upset.



  • could be hun my DS has 4 teeth by 4 months xx

    always best a bit to go with your instincts i think x
  • Mine is 17 weeks and I think she is too!
    I'm using ambesol for her gums & Ashton and parsons powders both from boots. The powders are natural and just pop in the Tongue, they help their tum & I used them for dd1. The ambesol numbs the gums, I've used it when my wisdom teeth have played up. Holand & barret do something that I can't remember the name of but you drop it on the tongue too and people say it's good x
  • It could be his teeth, my son had his first tooth at 19 weeks, and they can move around under the gums for a good while before they come through. I think dd is starting to teeth a bit now and she's only 11 weeks.
  • we started at 15 weeks although his first tooth didnt appear until 6/7 months x
  • dd had lots of symptoms from about then too but still no tooth. according to the birth to 5 book it's from 3-12 moths for first tooth. some babies are born with teeth.
  • Hi,
    My LO started teething at about 12 weeks and we ahd the first one though at 19 weeks.
    He's now 11 months and we have 9 teeth.
    I use the teething gel too and also the teething powders, they seem to calm him doen a bit.
  • Hello, I also have a freddie who is 18 weeks tomorrow and he has just sprouted two teeth today!!!
    He has had symptoms for weeks but has been coping surprisingly well although when I look back I guess he has been a bit grumpier than usual xxx
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