sleeping longer on me than in basket

my lil man doesnt go down to sleep easily at all, he either goes down in basket after being rocked to sleep or sleeping on me then being put down. he then at the most sleeps 2 hrs then wakes up,will sleep on me until i get up!!!! im assuming he just feels more secure on me than in cold moses basket,but how can i try and break this habbit as i no he is capable of sleeping 5 hrs,so its not a case of waking to feed which i would understand


  • little boys eh! mine is 6 wks today
  • i have thought this, was she 12 wks when you put in own room? our room is right next door to where will be his so it should be ok.
  • my lo wont sleep in his moses basket as he like to spread his arms out causing him to wake up. going to buy a cot tomorrow,
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