Upset tummy!!!

Dylan is 14 weeks on monday and since his christening last sunday has had runny poos
A couple of times he has thrown up but thats it.
No temperature, no rash, fontanelle no more sunken than usual...
Poor little bugger is going 2-3 times a day (usually he's only every other day)

Called the HV on Tues & she said it could be something to do with him teething!! As he also has REALLY rosy cheeks, constantly dribbling and chewing on anything he can get his hands on
Took him to the doc Weds morning then to the out of hours doc on Weds night for a 2nd opinion (I wasn't happy with the reaction from the 1st doc) and he said "Oh its just an upset tummy!!"
How long do I leave it before I go docs AGAIN???
It's really starting to worry me now

Any advice would be great
Lisa & Dylan (13+6)


  • Babies are affected by everything and anything and it could be that he has caught a bug that hasnt agreed with him. If he isnt dehydrated and is eating, sleeping and generally being normal then I wouldnt worry too much. The boys are now being weaned and have had runny poos (bit of a change from severe constipation) since I started them on Soya yoghurt (theyre allergic to milk) but I have kept an eye on them for changes in their mood/tummy problems etc and they dont seem to have any so im not worried.

    If youre still worried about him then its never too soon to take him back to the drs (I ended up at our GP 4 times in 1 week with the boys when they wouldnt take milk as it was making them feel poorly and no one would listen to me).

    HTH and Dylan feels better soon xxx
  • If he's well in himself, no temp, taking feeds, sleeping etc. and doesn't appear dehydrated. I doubt there is a lot the dr can do to be honest. If he isn't himself, then take him back asap. It really could just be teeth. If it's a bug, he needs to get it out of his system, and just needs monitoring. I don't know if you already offer him water, but it might be worth it to prevent dehydration. Hope it passes soon. xx mithical and James 11 weeks 2 days.
  • my daughter has the the runs and been sick, i just concentrated on keeping her fluids up. the doc said just to make sure she didnt become dehydrated and like mithical said, try water. it should pass in 7-10 days usually.

    tummy bugs of this sort are common this time of year in babies and toddlers, its called Rotavirus.

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