What the hell just happened??

Ok, I know Oscar's technically toddling now but I wasn't ready for full on toddler tantrums!

I put him in his highchair with his dinner - finger foods - popped out to get his pudding (oh was in the room, I didn't leave him alone) and when I came back he stopped eating nicely and threw a proper hissy fit. I moved the highchair into the kitchen, away from distractions, but it got worse and he started rocking the highchair so I had to take him out then restrain him because he was throwing himself against the wooden floor and pulling chunks of his hair out. It took 25 mins to calm him down. We then had to make him a banana sandwich as he'd thrown all his dinner on the floor, which he ate fine and is now pottering round the living room very happily.

Is this what I have to look forward to from now on? I managed to get through it without crying but I don't think I could again... :cry:


  • oh no poor you. How old is Oscar.

    I did read somewhere that children under two may ahve tantrums but this can be due to their own fruistration of not being able to do something rather than they arent allowed to do something. Pulling his out doesnt sound great. Was he trying to do something before this happend or did ur oh just say one minute he was calm the other having a tantrum?

    Just remember to take a deep breath and stay calm. If they see you reacting to the situation it will just make things worse.

    I would like to hope it was aone off . x
  • Oh the joys of toddlerhood. Rhys has just started having tantrums when we don't let him do something and he runs all over throwing himself on the floor. WE had one the other morning as he was eating some toast cut into quarters and he had 3 trying to stuff them into his mouth at once. I took them off him and gave one back saying one at a time well you'd have thought i'd told him he couldn't eat at all the way he cried.
    it does become easier and you get better at dealing with it. we just try to ignore him or distract him and this usually works. I've not had to put up with it whilst out and about though yet. Dreading that one
  • He's 9 months... So wasn't quite expecting it yet!

    He seemed to be fine a second before - he didn't like going in the highchair though. He did eat some chicken and broccolli before kicking off. Little terror
  • My son is now nearly 11mths and has a wicked temper when he goes, so know how you feel. We have an alternative technique of laughing at him now, so he stops having the tantrum long enough to see what we're laughing at!
  • Welcome to my world :roll: Barney started with the tantrums at about 9 months as well. He doesn't do it quite as often now (13 1/2 months), but when he blows it is truely spectacular. I've given up restraining him as it winds him up more so now I put him in the middle of the floor and leave him alone. I sit on the floor near him so that when he starts to calm down he can come for a cuddle. I think that a lot of it is frustration because they know what they want, but can't ask for it, so hopefully as they get bigger they will calm down!
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