Vauxhall Meriva and Ventura car seat

Thinking of buying a bigger family car, the ventura fits in hubbies Citroeb xsara but was wondering would it fit in a Meriva. Would neeed to get the car before the car seat but wanbt to wait till about june time, any advise please.



  • Go purchase a car. You should carefully access the car and know its capability to fit in a Meriva as your wish. Theres no actually problem in any car seat because it is anadjustable one. Family car is just perfect for a trip for the whole family memebers. When I started looking for a vehicle, I knew I wanted something fun to drive but that was also going to be safe for my family. I found a website that helped me find the best vehicle at an excellent price in my area. I even got pre-approved for a car loan at the website. How many times have you wanted more info about a used or new motor vehicle and turned to an online search on “”Harris NA auto loan?” Your search is over, all the stuff you need is almost there! Good luck Rebecca!

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