snacks instead of milk - advice pleae!

Evan has now totally refused his morning and afternoon bottles - he is just 7 months so he has max 15 ozs a day which is a big struggle to get that in him, he just wants food.

So I have given him a yogurt instead of his morning bottle, but is this enough should I be giving something else aswell and do I give another yogurt for the afternoon bottle???

Really need advice as I asked my HV and she said he should still be having the bottle, which I know but he wont


  • i would give him breakfast cereal made up with formula in the morning. its a sure way to get a few ounce into him.
    cameron is 27 weeks and has about 15-18 oz, i asked the hv and she said this would be fine as long as he has yogs or cheese aswell.

    what time do you try him with his afternoon bottle? maybe he's not hungry enough? i give cam his directly before his feeds so he is quite hungry he still ony takes a few ounce though but better than nothing.

    i now vanilla uses those powdered meals as a way to get milk into her baby girl cos she doesnt like milk wither. perhaps try those if your worried.
  • I try him from about 3pm, he has cereal for breakfast which is when I can get the most in him.

    He is just wanting his food and I cant add much milk into his food as he likes it think and has lumps now!!! ooooo babies!!!
  • oh i can really synpathise as i struggle to get 15 oz into daisy. i give daisy weetabix with 2oz milk and seh will drink 40z in a morning she wont eat yogurt so i make custard or buy pots of custard and she has a stick of cheese with every meal i got so stressed at one point trying to hide milk in everything that i just offer lots of other alternatives now. Daisy has rureed fruit with baby rice and milk at bedtime its really creamy and you can hide few ounces. Also my hv told me to use cream on fresh fruit which i didnt think was ideal for babies but they are allowed to have it.
  • My lo doesn't drink milk at all now and stopped when he was a year a I stopped breastfeeding him. I understand it's a bit of a worry & your lo is quite a bit younger. I give my lo readybrek/oatibix with lot's of milk for breakfast & supper and give him yoghurt or cheese with every meal or as snacks. I always have a big tub of plain yoghurt in which is much better than the little petit filous type things. Can you make up a big batch of cheese sauce to add to his food. You could freeze it in ice cube portions. Cauliflower cheese is a good one. Cream cheese is also good to add to their food, eg pasta, baked potatoes if your lo is eating this sort of thing yet. Hope that helps a bit. x
  • Thanks for the advice ladies, I gave him some of that mediteranian veg powder with milk today so that upped his intake.!

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