which bugaboo?

sorry gatecrashing from pregnancy!

i'm looking at getting a bugaboo as everyone seems to rave about them but i don't know if i should go for the chamelion or bee?

does anyone know differences/own one and recommend it?

thanks anna x


  • What are you going to use it for? The chameleon is much better off road, the seat is higher so lo has a better view and the seat and carry cot are much bigger than on the bee BUT the bee is lighter and folds up much smaller so is better on public transport and takes up less room in the car boot.
    I had a Chameleon for my first and I love it, I use it a lot off road and it's really good but it's also really easy to manouvre around town. I also like the fact that it is high enough to sit up to a table if I need it too. There isn't anything I would change about it tbh, I think it's brill!
  • cameleon definitley i adore mine! xx
  • A vote for the bee. I've got the bee and I love it.
    We live in the city and don't need it for off road and it is fantastic. It leaves loads of room in the boot of the car. It's so light and compact that if lo is sleeping I can carry the bee up 3 flights of stairs to our flat while he is still lying flat and not wake him.
    I don't drive and use the pram every day I love it and so far so does Archie, sleeps for a couple of hrs a day at least.
    I must admit we didn't get it till he was 10wks old as we borrowed a big old fashioned silver cross pram for when he was really little. But I know people who had it when baby was newborn and didn't have any probs.
    Depends what you use your pram for I guess. S x
  • I have a cameloen and love it! xxx
  • thanks everyone! x
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