FAO Craftycharli re Petite Star

Hi Craftycharli,

Thanks for your advice re Petite Star. I was just wondering how old your lo is and are they able to sit up in it?

Isobel is just 9 months and when I tried her in it in Toys r us the other day the assistant said she needed to be strapped into the harness or she would fall out. She quite likes sitting up in her pushchair though and wondered whether it was safe to just use the bottom straps so she could still sit up, or whether they do need to be completely strapped in like the assistant said.

Thanks Debbie xx


  • Bump, just in case you didn't see it xx
  • hi there

    Sorry didn't see this at all!

    My lo is 14 months and I always strap him into his buggy - just always have - he can have the back int he upright position to sit up or laid back if he is chilling! I don't really understnad what you mean by using the 'bottom straps' I only know there are ones that come of the shoulders and then across his tummy? Sorry but confused! :?
  • Hiya

    Thanks for your reply. That makes sense to strap in and have the back totally upright. The pushchair I have at the moment seems to be slightly reclined all the time.

    By bottom straps I meant the ones that come accross the tummy. Is it possible to just use these on there own rather than with the shoulder straps or would this be a bit dangerous. Sorry am not great at explaining myself! Lol

  • ok I see what you mean but I have NO idea about whether it is safe to do this or not - I just always strap him in fully like I say - Still loving this buggy though!!!!! image
  • Sorry to butt in with my tuppence worth but you should always strap your lo in using the full 5-point harness (2 shoulder straps, 2 waist straps and the crotch strap) it's there for a reason.
    If your lo were to lean too far forward then she/he would just topple out if the shoulder straps were not on. Or when going down a step, pavement or even if someone just bumps into your buggy.
    I know some people don't use the shoulder straps but it can be very dangerous, even now when i use my buggy for my 2yr old I always fully strap him in.
    I don't have a Zia but it was in my top choices when I was looking at buggies, I think they are fantastic
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