Good morning girls!

I bought the innocent smoothies recipe book years ago and yesterday I bought, prepped and froze all the necessary fruit to make one in the morning really quickly whilst feeding ds. I made a strawberry and banana one this morning with the following;

orange juice
apple juice
7 strawberries
half a banana

I let ds have a taste and he was hooked! I put some in his sippy cup and he was right in there lol. I find it hard to get water into him so I'm chuffed to bits he likes smoothies.

My problem is - is he allowed them?

I know you should dilute juice but we don't dilute purees and technically all I'm doing is whizzing the fruit into a drink rather than a pur????e. He eats oranges constantly so a little juice is obviously present there too.

I'm just confused really. Smoothies are so healthy and I would love to be able to share my morning drink with him towards his five a day!


  • I don't see the problem! You are whizzing whole fruit so it's different to juice which doesn't have fibre or anything in it, it's just pure sugary juice. DD had smoothies from a young age and loved them like your DS, though I used to dilute them down a little with water or milk just to make the texture thinner and easier to drink, but I like mine quite thick anyway IYSWIM.

    I would just make sure he drinks them in a fairly short sitting rather than sipping away all day and constantly/repeatedly exposing his teeth to the sugar, if that makes sense?
  • Yep that makes total sense. I've always brushed my own teeth after breakfast cause I dint see the point in brushing then exposing lol so I do the same with ds.

    I'm getting the backlash now though lol he seems to have found some new energy stores lol he's crawling around everywhere at a rate of knotts.

    What have I done! Haha x
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