stopping sterilising

i know that once our lo's are 6 months we can stop sterilising their bottles etc. just wondering if it is 6 calendar months or 6 months in weeks so 24 weeks?


  • Im not sure. Frankie is 21 weeks tomorrow but 5 months on Sunday so I would go with calendar months to be on the safe side. I cant wait to stop sterilising, its a pain!
  • I always thought that you were supposed to sterilise bottles right up to a year? I don't sterilise bowls or anything like that, but if I give lo a bottle (i'm bfing) I still make sure that it is all sterilised.
  • Hi there, you should always steralise bottles if using formula milk due to the bacteria. My lo went onto whole milk at 12months but I still continued to steralise for a couple of months after due to paranoia! He's now 18months and I still wash his bottles with soapy water thoroughly then rinse them with boiling water (actually more of a pain than using a straight forward steam steraliser!!)

    I did stop steralising dummies, spoons etc at about 9/10 months tho, just make sure their cleaned in hot soapy water
  • I thought it was 1 year as well. I still sterilise my 10month old's bottles, but I'm a bit lax about it now and skip it if I'm feeling very lazy lol...I don't sterilise anything else unless it's manky (ie a dummy thats been under the cot for weeks lol).
    Having said that when Gabe was 5 months we went on holiday and i never sterilised there, just washed and he was friend still sterilises her 15 month olds bottles, I really don't see the point in that xx
  • you should sterilize up to one year but theres lots of mummys on here who have stopped earlier. i do everything by the book cus i wouldnt want to give my lo an upset tummy. i stopped the night before she was one.
  • The guidelines are to sterilise bottles until 1 year old. I stopped just before Charlotte turned 1 and she's been fine and I still have her on toddler formula milk. I didn't sterilise her spoons & dishes after 6 months.
    I only found out last week that my sister still sterlises her 21 months old bottles?!
  • I thought babies stopped having bottles about 1?? I think im gonna try weaning to a cup at six months cos i dont want to still be sterilising in 18 months.
  • im confused should i be sterelising Charlie's bowl and spoon for weaning? I was, then i read that i only needed to do it for his bottles???xx
  • The advice is that you should sterilise everything for 12 months. We did for Kelsie and will do for Jack. You probably could stop earlier but I'd rather no risk it.

  • have the guidelines changed recently? as my red book says until 6-7 months and the birth to 5 book the hv gave me says at least 6 months.
  • Why do they always change the bloody guidelines every year!?!?
  • my hv isnt always there when we go to clinic and they all say different things about what ever i ask.

    i asked about hungry baby milk and said no way until a year old the other said to give it a go
  • my hv isnt always there when we go to clinic and they all say different things about what ever i ask.

    i asked about hungry baby milk and said no way until a year old the other said to give it a go
  • I'm sure its 12 months you should sterilise bottles till, and 6months with bowls spoons etc. If you have a dishwasher maybe just put evrything in there as that will sterilise them anyway.
  • I stopped sterilising bottles at 11 months when Kara went onto cows milk. I never sterilised her weaning equipment past about 7 months. I just started putting them in the dishwasher. After I stopped sterilising I just ensured that I washed her bottles out really well with really hot soapy water.
  • whats the best thing to when going out once your lo is weaning? eg - how do you keep bowls and spoon sterile?
  • I wouldn't worry too much about the bowls & spoons. Bottles are more important to sterilise until 12 months as the milk can breed bacteria. As long as you've washed your bowls & spoons in very warm water or in the dishwasher they will be fine. Your lo will soon be picking up all sorts and putting them in his mouth!!
    I also don't sterilise dummies anymore, just pour boiling water over them after washing and leave to air dry.
  • i thought that boiling water is meant to kill off the bacteria in the milk, so if bottles are made up fresh then the bacteria cant breed.
  • HV told me last week to always sterillise teats as that is where the bacteria stays, ok to wash the bottles thoroughly

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