Worried...help if you can, PLEASE!

The boys are almost a year old and up until last week ate very well. Ryan still is but im worried about Alfie.

We have blamed everything on teeth for the past 2 months or so as they have been very grumpy and irritable. However, Alfie has only produced 2 nuggets of poo since Tues eve (normally go at least once a day) and he has slowly stopped eating (started with just lunch, then today no tea either, and wont touch his bottles). His tummy is quite hard but he isnt bothered if I touch/prod/press it. He has wind quite badly too.

The only difference is that we have stopped Gavison so wouldnt thought it wouldve got softer not harder?

Im starting to worry now (although I am known for being a little premature in the worrying department!)

Gemma, Ryan and Alfie 11 months


  • g/c ing - sounds like he could be constipated, it can make them quite off colour, I know it would make dd quite poorly and wouldn't eat, etc - have you tried orange juice or prune juice to see if it helps a little?
  • Have you ever done any Baby Massage?
    The session I attended today focused on Tummy Massage and the instructor warned us about the amount they will go because it stimulates there tummy if they have wind or are constipated. Maybe try rubbing his tummy (only doing clockwise motions) below his rib cage and then doing small circular clockwise circles with 3 fingers if he'll let you. I'm in NO WAY any expert and you have much more experience of motherhood than I do (I only have one baby and she is nearly 5 months). My LO however has done several explosive nappies today (or nuclear nappies as I like to say lol!) including one in tesco's which leaked everywhere!

    Hope this helps if you try it and little Alfie gets some relief!

    Kim x
  • Does sound like constipation. If he's all bunged up, he's not going to want to eat/drink things to sit on top of that, iyswim? The massage and prune juice will help, as well as orange juice-if you can get him to take it. May be worth speaking to a pharmacist to see if they can recommend something that will soften his stools for him, like lactulose (although not sure if this can be given to children). You'll probably find that once he's 'cleared out' he'll be eating and drinking again well. Hope he's better soon xx
  • We have lactulose as they were awfully constipated when we first started the Gaviscon. I have also given them both (cant do one without the other! lol) some blitzed up prunes tonight. I have tried baby massage too, but only today so may help produce something by the morning.

    He is very restless, although he is the more restless of the 2 so it can sometimes be rather difficult to tell! Ive just had to rock him to sleep, which is pretty unheard of. He is also waking at 4.30 ish (2 nights ago it was 2.30!) when they had gotten into a 5.30am habit. (which is still too early but hey ho!)

    Thank you for the help ladies...just considering drs but wondering if im overreacting just a little??
  • Gemmie, trust your instincts - you are his mummy and you're probably the only one to know him well enough to know if he needs to see a dr. x
  • Definitely worth seeing what the lactulose does. Have you only given this today, or has he been on it a while? It takes a little while to work, so may take a couple of doses. If you're concerned or think he needs something stronger, I would speak to a doctor. It may be worth asking a pharmacist in the mean time if they can recommend something. Hopefully, you'll have a good 'result' in the morning after the prunes etc. and he'll be ok xx
  • My daughter had contispation for first 6mnths of her life and quite often pooed every 3rd day.
    i would say drs if he continues to not eat as thats more worrying. keep giving the lactulose in the meantime. prunes should work they always did with jasmine.
    what about a bit of iluted orange juice?
    and a nice warm bath to relax him if tummy is tense.
  • didn't want to r&r but the others have suggested all i would have xxx may be a wee touch of pure orange juice?? tropicana is not made from concentrate so not getting all the crappy sugar additives in it if that helps?
  • Sorry, havent tried lactulose yet, but do have some so will def give some tomorrow. Its all natural so dr always told me I could give as much as needed (obviously not loads!! Dont want to be cleaning up poo forever) to get things moving then drop the dose to see if it makes a difference. It did and we eventually stopped it once their bodies got used to the Gaviscon.

    If we have nothing by lunch tomorrow, will def give some lactulose. Have given him a warm bath tonight, although bath time isnt exactly relaxing in our house! lol! The only place they play without fighting is in the bath!
  • i reckon the prunes will work a treat - if not lactulose is great but liluted oj is fab too - hope to hear about a nappy explosion tomorrow x
  • any action yet?? Hope so - I have nothing to add to all the other wonderful ideas here!
  • Hows Alfie today? Hope the prunes worked x
  • Well, after being awake at 4.15am in pain with a very hard tummy I was really starting to panic but bought him downstairs and worked on massage. At about 7.45 he produced a small pellet and I was all for emergency drs, however, with much screaming, he did produce a proper poo, and has been much less restless today. Going to keep going with the prunes!
  • glad you had some success - hope alfie continues to poop x
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