A phase...??? 4 mth old screaming for mummy ALL the time!

Evening ladies,

DD has always been the most contented baby ever. Never cries or fusses except for when she's hungry or overtired and generally always happy and smiling (when those pesky teeth aren't causing her problems). OH is home a lot due to the way his shifts work so she's always been happy being looked after by either one of us and has never been bothered about me not being there.

Until the last week or so......

She now won't settle AT ALL for OH and definitely won't be put down for a nap or to bed by him. I don't really mind as obviously babies need their mummies and 99 times out a 100 I don't want to go anywhere or do anything without her anyway but am getting really worried that this isn't a phase and I will always be the only one who can settle her. Has anyone else had a LO who went through a phase like this at about 4 months? (she's 17 weeks tomorrow)

please say yes....!


  • YES!!
    We're in the midst of it at the moment. LO was 17 weeks this weekend and for the last week and a half has been a bit of a minx when she's usually so good. She's started throwing a right wobbly when OH tries to give bottle - he tried for 45 mins the other day, gave her to me and she took it straight away?!
    When I went out on Fri for dinner with the girls, got back and he said she'd been an absolute nightmare wouldn't stop screaming - I walked into see her and said hello and she smiled...OH was so hurt I think.
    My mum keeps saying LO is becoming a mummy's girl, and I really don't want that to be the case, I want her to be happy with everyone - like she has been up till now.
    I'm also hoping this is just a phase...
    Sorry no advice, but you're not alone!
  • yep sounds familiar, the sleepless nights restarted for us too
  • Yes!! Thankfully it passed. I just persevered in leaving her with others. I would go to her give her a cuddle, reassuring her, and then leave again. Well I was always in the house...it seemed to work and Emilia is all the better for it. To be honest now I wish she was a bit more bothered when I am not there!!! Cant win!!

    Doesn't help your nerves though

    Joanna x

    P.S Emilia is now nearly 5 and half months
  • Me too! Emily is now 16 weeks and i seem to be the only to be able to settle her. If i go to her at night if she wakes she will go straight back to sleep, but if dh goes, she screams blue murder!! She seems to be really unsettled with my mum just now as well, not very nice for gran image

    Hoping it passes soon, although my legs are getting some work out from running up and down the stairs! lol xxx
  • thanks girls. It's always comforting to know it's not just me! hope it passes soon... xx
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