Money Saving Tips

Would anyone like to share some money saving tips?

Mine are:

1 - I bought a huge piece of fleecy material (??5), and cut into wipe sized pieces. I use these at mealtimes instead of wipes, and throw them in with my wash. I was using 5-6 wipes per meal, and could not believe how many I could throw away. The best bit is that Hannah will squirm when having her face cleaned with a wipe, but doesn't mind the soft fleece!

2 - I just ordered a load of nappies from Tesco. Not only are they on offer and cheaper than Asda right now, but I used code XXKWMB and got 1000 clubcard points. We use our points for Pizza Express vouchers, so by spending ??50 on nappies, I got ??40 worth of food! (for new online customers, min spend ??50)

3 - Mystery shopping! I have just been paid ??45 for opening a bank account, I regularly get ??10 to shop at Morrisons, and loads of high street shops! David Lloyd is available right now, all your fees paid, and food and drink. Used to do meal/bar ones as well, but can't now that we have lo. Frankie and Bennys was ??40!


  • how do you do the mystery shopping? I would love to do this to get out of the hosue as well!

    Any tips advice would be fab x

    my money saving tip is to shop on line - i spend ??60 per week at tesco this includes baby milk and nappies etc i am not allowed to go over and this saves me a fortune than if i go in store
  • I use all and any vouchers that I can find! Sign up to all the baby website and they normally send you free vouchers off food, milk and nappies! Naughty but I also sign upto all the sites under my oh name aswell so double the vouchers!!!!!! x
  • i would say breast feed your baby and use cloth nappies. our weekly shopping bill hasnt changed at all. which mystery shopping company?
  • Ok heres mine:

    1. Mystery shopping (good sites are grass roots (banks), retail eyes (pubs etc) and gapbuster (mc d's/pizza hut etc)

    2. Ebaying -
    A - spot a bargain or something everyone is after and flog it at a higher price, you never know, that person who does buy it may not be able to get hold of it or live far away etc so money to be made.
    B - Clear your wardrobe of all pre-pregnancy and maternity clothes, i sold a belt i'd had for years for ??21 as it was a Kate Moss Topshop one.

    3. Sign up to cashback sites and do your online shopping through them and get the money transferred into your bank account when you pass ??10. (i do - you can have paid into child trust fund account or your bank account). I've earned ??68 by switching contract to vodafone and ??30 for switching gas and electric.

    4. Search the web for vouchers. Sign up to baby groups, Emmas diary offer coinks awards which can be exchanged for bounty style bags at Argos (they have freebies and more vouchers in) Tescos is a good one as you can get a pamper hamper with really good vouchers in. Always use the self scan at the till and use as many vouchers as it will let you (alot say only 1 per transaction but it only means that specific voucher so check the barcode doesnt match if unsure) - i've got free size 3 huggies,pampers new baby in 1 and 2 and got a jumbo box for ??4 by mix/matching vouchers.

    5.Car boot sale. Not ideal with a new baby but good for daddy/baby bonding time while you flog your house out of your boot! I'd had a thorough sort out when my nesting kicked in and had loads of crap to sell. People buy anything!!!! Half used toiletries/cleaning products/costume jewlellery/worn shoes etc etc! I raised ??120 towards decorating by doing this.

    6. Sell your old mobile phone if your contract is about to renew.

    7. Sign up to moneysavingexpert - send emails through on daily deals/loopholes/vouchers and delivery codes etc

    hope this helps image
  • I sign up to product testing sites/ parenting panels (boots, sainsburys etc) you usually get to keep the products tested and sometimes get vouchers for completing the questionnaires etc.

    Selling old mobile (I checked oh's the other day and it was over ??100 though mine was only ??10 lol)

    On the voucher front, I used to work in Tesco when I was at college and they will always accept at least 1 voucher whether you've got the product or not. Also most of the vouchers you get in magazines just deduct withouth checking the product has been bought, so always worth just handing them in, asking to check which can be used and most don't bother to look if you've bought the product, especially if you've bought a lot of shopping.
  • Hey Becci Boo

    How do you sign up to product testing signs?

    Liking this thread
  • Oh wow, some great tips!

    The mystery shopping companies I use are

  • Great thread.

    Look for voucher codes when placing orders online. Mothercare is a great one, I always manage to find a 10% off code, which is fantastic, you'd never get that in the shop!!
  • quote.

    "i would say breast feed your baby and use cloth nappies. our weekly shopping bill hasnt changed at all. which mystery shopping company?"

    Wait until you start weaning!
  • My tip is mainly for those who shop at tesco, if you can save your clubcard cash value vouchers - they're valid for 2 years. I've being doing this for the last 5 years now and it pays for Christmas.
    Last year christmas cost me ??20!
    And as tesco are still doing double points it's even better.
    I usually go at the end of November, vouchers in one hand and a list of names and usually no idea of what to get - seems to work though : )
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